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Nicolas Carmona

Best… X-Men…movie…ever!

**Will Contain Spoilers**

This movie had many great things going for it, first and foremost the cast is spectacular; not only everyone has great chemistry with each other but also they transport the audience to this universe and make you feel emotionally attached to these events/characters. The best representation for this is my favorite scene of the movie, when we have both Charles’s talking, not only Patrick and James play off from each other perfectly but it gives the movie the most emotional moment of the movie. Another great chemistry is between Charles and Wolverine, here we see the softest most noble Logan we have ever seen; this movie is a sort of role reversal where Logan brings out the best and unlocks Charles’s mind, truly a great moment in the X-Men franchise, another of my favorite scenes was the very last one (nope, not the after credits, more on that later) when Wolverine sees Charles after a confusing walk through the mansion (and seeing Scott and Jean back alive!) he spills the beans he doesn’t remember anything for the past couple of years to which Charles replies there is so much catching up to do and he kept his promise of getting everyone together (man I want to see this movie again).

Keeping up with characters, this is a movie that is mostly character driven, not much action happens honestly; everything we see is character development and man there is a lot of it here. We find the cast of First Class in a very different place from where we left them and where we know them from the future and to see them all, mainly Charles (can’t express how amazing James was in this movie) and mystique. In the process we meet new faces, mainly Quicksilver, or here called Peter, many fans hated the wardrobe he had, but once you meet him you will see he is actually one of the best things of the movie and every scene he is in, completely stolen; cannot wait to see more of him in Apocalypse and also there was a very nice nod to the fact that he is Magneto’s son.

The story was almost perfect, there was a lot of worry that the time travel factor would cause a lot of confusion and would make the audience get a little lost but the way they handled that was really great and they balanced what needed to happen in the future with what happened in the past (and I guess we are stuck in the present?). However; this leaves room for a lot of plot holes, not that big just annoyances that I had with it, mainly the driving force of the movie, Mystique, apparently she gets captured and dies in the 60’s, but yet we know that she is all fine and well in the first X-Men trilogy movies, that was the main one, there were other little things that I guess it’s to be expected from a franchise that has so many incontinuities that I guess we are supposed to ignore them and once I got passed that I was able to enjoy the story better. Also let’s not forget, Peter Dinklage did an amazing job in it but I wish we had seen more of him.

The action was superb, but it is possibly a good and bad thing here, we got to see many of our favorite mutants use their powers to the max fighting the sentinels which was a great treat; we also see how powerful Magneto is and the limits he will go through; however, there is not much of it, like I said the movie is mostly character driven which is great and the action scenes that we get are amazing but you still walk out wanting so much more and watching the teaser of Apocalypse building a pyramid with his horsemen is a great way to lead into X-Men: Apocalypse and now we have to wait until 2016 to watch it.

This is the best X-Men movies, one of the best comic book movies, but it is also a great movie and that is worth noting; the emotional moments are constant and your involvement with the characters is amazing (seeing the last scene with older Magneto and Charles was so emotionally packed almost as big as the two Charles’s talking) and the story draws you in and care for the future of the mutants and humanity. I think, after just watching it once, I give [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) a 10/10.


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