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"Fate and circumstance have returned us to this moment."

...and with these words, Hannibal Lecter shows us what he's really made of. Of course, we had been teased with the knock down, drag out fight between Hannibal and Crawford way back at the beginning of the season. After waiting patiently, through 13 episodes, we have been rewarded with a resolution. Oh, who are we kidding, we weren't given a resolution so much as we were given even more questions and a generous helping of heartache. Where willl the story head from here? What new characters and storylines will we be presented with? What the heck was Scully doing?! What will I do without these characters that I have invested so fully in? Answer me Bryan Fuller, answer me!

Fellow Fannibals, I know that you are just as beside yourself as I am after that episode. Even Hugh Dancy (Will Graham) described the events of this episode as "batshit" crazy. Hannibal has been a beautifully wrapped present delivered every week, straight to our living room. Every detail is tended to and every single bit of this show is a visual wonder. Did you ever think that eating human body parts could look so mouth watering and appetizing? I haven't been this hungry since I binge watched Iron Chef. And don't even get me started on Mads Mikkelsen. The man can dispatch of you while wearing a cashmere suit and then cook you up so deliciously, that you will eat your own leg. The last time I fell in love with a villain, his name was Gus Fring and I thought he could never be replaced. Well, Hannibal is certainly giving him quite a run for his money. If Hannibal was standing in front of me I wouldn't know whether to run the other way or flirt myself silly trying to win his good graces. Thanks be to the powers that be for the renewal of this brilliant and gorgeous show. Hannibal is just another great show proving that horror can be thought provoking and beautiful and I will be anxiously awaiting season three. So, let's obsess a bit over what just happened and what that may mean for the third season. SPOILERS AHEAD

Surely, you are just as curious as I am as to what direction the show is headed in after they, seemingly, killed off all of the characters. Sure, Will could potentially survive if help arrives fast enough or maybe Hannibal was clever enough to gut him just right, so as to not kill him. I suppose Jack's neck wound is also salvageable if taken care of in a timely manner. After all, Alana did report gun shots to the authorities before even entering the house. Alana could absolutely survive her fall, albeit, with some very life altering side effects. Will also requested help at Hannibal's residence upon finding Alana, so we now have two requests for help/backup at what has turned into the worst dinner party in history.

It feels as though we've been waiting an eternity for Hannibal to really let his evil side shine through and this was certainly well worth the wait. The fight scene between him and Jack Crawford was just brilliant and watching Hannibal throw himself against the pantry door, trying to gain access to Jack, was more than a little titillating for this girl.

When Hannibal turned to face Alana, it was clear that he was 100% in the mind set of "Hannibal the Cannibal"; no more classy, sophisticated Dr. Lecter here. Just when you think things can't get any more mind blowing, Abigail steps out of the shadows and pushes Alana out of the window! What the what?! Oh, and Will's face when he lays eyes on Abigail is so beautiful and so heartbreaking at the same time. It's not nearly as heartbreaking as watching Hannibal gut our dear, dog loving Will, though. As Hannibal held Will close to him while he was bleeding out, it all became so very clear; he had always been two steps ahead of all of them. Jack and Will thought that they were going to catch the big fish, but that fish was way ahead of them.

As Hannibal and partner in crime(?) Bedilia Du Maurier relax in their first class airline seats, the mind reels over the future possibilities of the show. Seems pretty likely that Hannibal will be going to Europe to reek havoc over there, just as he did in the books. This also means that there is a whole other group of characters that will be trying to catch Hannibal. It is entirely possible that Hannibal has pulled a "Ryan Murphy" and season three will bring us an almost completely new show with new characters and story lines. I, for one, think that sounds delightful. How long can Hannibal be killing and eating people with full knowledge of members of the F.B.I. before we're in "The Following" territory; a completely outrageous and unbelievable world where police officers and F.B.I. agents are all about as clever as a sea monkey. This is what sets Hannibal apart from other shows; it's beautiful, it's chilling, it's horrifying, it's wince inducing, but most of all, it's smart.

So, fellow Fannibals, join me in a moment of silence for Will Graham, Jack Crawford, Alana Bloom, Abigail Hobbs, Dr. Chilton and Beverly Katz. It has been a thrilling and beautifully gory ride. Bring on season three!

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