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Books are not the only source of inspiration for today's Hollywood writers, maybe they have given excellent results, but we cannot forget there's another element that has worked -very- well in the past and is waiting for another chance to recover the field: video games!

Resident Evil is one of the latest examples of how stories we can play at our houses have enough power to become exciting plots for explosive films, and, we can't deny, adapted games taken to cinema have lost power in recent years. With the upcoming release of Assasins Creed (2015), I want to expect there's gonna be a new opportinity to watch videogames in the top of box-offices again.

So, what can we do to give back these amazing audivisual expressions the energy to go back to the big screen and rock again? I think is to give ideas. At first, I thought about writing a ranking about excellent games that haven't had the chance yet to become a proper film, but I believe the options are so competitive, that would be a bit unfair to list them in a descending order. Did I miss your favorite one? Write and let me know with your comments!

The following options were sorted in alphabetical order.

Arkham City

Yes, now we're all talking about the crazy title next Zack Snyder film has, but let's not forget when we were reading everyday new lists with possible ways Batman could take in the new `post-Nolan age, and one of the most commented -and approved- ones was the possibility of taking Rocksteady's vision to cinemas.

Forget Asylum,Origins, or even Knight, City will always be the most brilliant of them all! It's addictive story, and its way to assemble a lot of villains in the same plot, gives us the ultimate Batman experience. Graphics, gameplay, music... everything is freakin' cool!

Now it's difficult to think this story is getting to cinemas under the universe Snyder is starting to build, but I'm 100% sure, that someday in the future, maybe when Ben Affleck finishes his time as the Cape Crusader, WB and DC is adapting this as a Batman reboot. It's kind of a prophecy.

Call Of Duty

There are some material one just can't understand why they haven't had the chance to have their own films, and this series is one of them. This is a videogame that has evolved among its players. Very controversial, but incredibly well done.

It's hard to me to choose the chapter that would better fit into a film-style, but I will take the risk with the most polemic one: Modern Warfare 2. And here we have the eternal dilemma about violence in media. I have always believed education is the responsabilty of society, family and goverment systems, but movies, TV and games are not the origin of violence in real-world people. I believe you can play all Call Of Duty games you want and ou don't have to become a terrorist.

Hollywood has ALL the elements to give not just a fair adaptation for the game fans, but also the creative background to create another classic to the war movies genre. So, why so shy? Imagine Ridley Scott directing and Christopher McQuarrie writing it: instant hit.

Dante's Inferno

Now that I'm reading it, I think Dan Brown has written his weakest book ever with the new adventure of Robert Langdon. So, if a story that boring as that one is in deed going to be adapted to cinemas, why not giving a chance to the other vision of Dante Alghieri's masterpiece? EA Games did it, and did it well.

The things Dante has to overcome as he walks across Hell are so terrifying, that maybe not the author himself truly realized the impact of the universe he created inspired by human sins. So, maybe a film based in the whole book (with Purgatory and Paradise included) is after all, impossible, but this game gives us a close idea of how to take this fascinating story to reality.

Transforming Dante into a Crusade Knght is an element that gives a total new approach to the plot, that could work to make an epic movie. Just imagine watching it with Dolby Atmos and 3D. Really cool, right?


Let's face it: soccer has never found its place in sports movies. It just doesn't fit. There are few examples of how the most popular sport in the planet has really worked as a movie, now I have a as recent references The Damn United and the Goal! Saga, but the results have never been good. So, if soccer had to be taken to the cinema world, FIFA it's maybe the best option to do it.

Yes, there's no plot or story here, but maybe that's one of the reasons this game has millions of fans in around the world: it never ends. They have made movies before where stories did not exist (Battleship, Clue), so it's not impossible to create a plot based in all the feelings that playing soccer involves.

God Of War

Some years ago, finding studios willing to invest in movies were Gods and warriors were the main characters was truly difficult, but now that we have sagas like 300 or Clash Of Titans, the genre has opened a rand new space for this kind of productions.

God Of War has become one of the bravest options in third person game plays, with attractive graphics and an exceptional art design. The saga has now a lot of chapters, but maybe for a start, to write a good and exciting script about Kratos in all his wrath, is not a bad idea, not at all.

Grand Theft Auto

The only way to take this amazing game to the big screen is by doing a R-rated, controversial, bloody and audacious film, maybe in a Tarantino-style. I'm not a big follower of this game, but I never loose the chance to see the large queues at midnight when a new sequel is about to be released. That's the living proof fans have the chance to unleash the dark sides of themselves with complex characters, using money, violence and sex and cars to be part an addictive game.

For sure, the best videogame sagas with cars and a plot on it. We need a director without fear, dared to give fans a movie version that gets to include the strange spell this games has on us.


After the great film District 9 was, we found out Neil Blomkamp was originally set to direct a Halo movie, instead, Peter Jackson decided to change the goal of the production to re-create a shortfilm Blomkamp directed years ago. Even when we loved so much the film he gave us, we still want to work out what happened with the intentions of having a real-action movie for this terrific videogame.

Halo has become not only an icon for sci-fi games, but also to the whole X-Box brand these past years. Now we have animated films, CGI trailers and some little efforts trying to show how this soldiers would look in a movie... and it's beautiful.

It's just a matter of time someone to officially announce the start of a pre-production for a movie based on these games, the question remains the same: how long will it take? I only hope that when it happens, we still love them. I think we will.


What game are you looking-forward to experience in cinemas?


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