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So, you’ve seen all of the New Who? What? You’ve even managed to catch some of Classic Who? Fantastic, here’s a jelly baby. With all your knowledge, I bet you have your favorite villains. I also bet you have the ones where you were left scratching your head and saying “huh?” don’t you? Well, so was I. I was thinking about which villains I wanted to see more of, and which I really wish weren’t around in the first place, so I created the first list in what (I hope) will be many of a series that I’m going to call “Top 5 Bottom 5", in which I'll do a Top 5 list, followed by a separate Bottom 5 list on the same subject.

Doctor Who being one of my favorite shows, I thought I would start with it. The only limit I placed was that I didn’t want villains that were essentially lost because of missing episodes, because I can’t really judge them (i.e. the Yeti robots from the Second Doctor’s run, which look stupid). So, here it is, my Top 5 villains in the Doctor Who Universe aka Whoniverse.

Note, When I mention specific episodes I use this shorthand: S#=Series No. i.e. S1=Series 1. E#=Episode No. i.e. E1=Episode 1. NW=New Who. For Classic Who episodes it is S#=Season No. SE#=Serial Number, D#=Doctor incarnation, i.e. D2=Second Doctor CW=Classic Who)

Top 5

5) Rassilon

That’s right. Timothy Dalton portrayed an awesome character (let’s be honest, he damn near killed the Bond series, but that’s another argument). Rassilon is a legend in Gallifreyan history, credited with successfully harvesting the power of a black hole (the needed element for time travel) and for the creation of much of the technology that would become the TARDIS. So, why is he a villain? Well, like most dictators, he’s an ass, obsessed with power and never dying. As was shown in the 10th Doctor two-part episode “The End of Time…” (S4, E 17-18 NW) he was literally going to destroy everything in the universe, INCLUDING THE UNIVERSE! Except for a select group of Time Lords who would turn into pure consciousness. Re-read that. Go ahead. I’ll wait.. Back? Ok. Oh yeah, and he essentially turned the Master evil, thereby creating another of the Top 5 villains, by putting the “drumbeat” into his head and making him go insane.

Yup. Bad. Ass.

4) Weeping Angels

See that cute cherub statue over there? What, you don’t? It’s right the… and poof, your gone. Not dead (at least not usually, although we know when they are weak they will snap your neck) just sent back in time so that that cute cherub could steal your unused time energy. Anyone who has seen the show fears the Weeping Angels. We all know that if a soon to be ex-friend put a cardboard cutout outside your window, you’d freak. Scream like a little girl. Pee your pants. Hey, just telling it like it is. The Weeping Angels are easily the most “jumpably” scary enemy of New Who, and really of all of the Whoniverse. The way they move only when you’re not looking. The way their faces change from the evil smile (and it is truly an EVIL smile) to the scary as hell fanged, open mouth look. The Angel standing there, its finger pointed out, your loved one vanished. Yeah, don’t say you weren’t scared as hell the next time you saw the Statue of Liberty! Oh yeah, and did I mention that if you take a picture of one, or a video, then that image becomes a Weeping Angel? No? Oh, well they do. No one knows exactly who they are or where they come from, although the Doctor does call them the “deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life-form evolution has ever produced”. Deadliest. Most Powerful. Most malevolent (evil) life-form. Ever. So declared the Doctor, who literally met the Devil. I’m going to go crawl into my blankets now. Oh no. I blin…

3) The Cybermen

If you don’t know who the Cybermen are, you clearly came to the wrong page. The Cybermen, in differing variations, have been around since the First Doctor (the late, great William Hartnell). Originally, the Cybermen were inhabitants of Earths twin planet Mondus until it was forced to drift out into space. Because of this, they began to implant more and more technology into their bodies in order to survive, eventually becoming almost completely robotic, except for their brains. This caused them to become Sherlock Holmes, i.e. cold, calculating, valuing logic above all, and having no emotions. In the revived series, they were actually a part of a parallel world who eventually were able to invade our Earth. What makes them a Top 5 villain? A few reasons. First is their longevity. For an enemy to last 50 years in any show is huge, and fans love them. Second, they are really scary as shit with their constant attempts to “upgrade” everything they come across. This is worse than just dying, as a part of you is still around, just not under your control. They have also gotten faster, stronger, and more easily upgradeable to overcome any temporary weaknesses. Think the Borg from “Star Trek”, but the Cybermen are 30 years older, and so much more awesome. DELETE!

2) The Master

Picking the final two was very difficult. Not so much the choices themselves, but the ORDER in which to place them. I eventually chose to place the Master as #2. The Master is one of the very few people who can match the Doctor in intelligence, and has been hinted at actually being smarter. He also is able to hypnotize people seemingly at will with just his voice alone. The problem is that the Master wants to rule everything, and oh yeah, kill the Doctor. His weaponry is rather fearful as well. In Classic Who, he used a "tissue compression eliminator”, which literally shrank people to the size of a doll. And, oh yeah, killed them as well. In New Who, he uses a laser screwdriver, which can kill anyone with a single shot and also has the ability to age them rapidly, which allowed him to force the Doctor’s body to physically age to his chronological age, making him short and shriveled and unable to do much of anything. He also has possessed several fully functional TARDISES (TARDISI?) throughout his run. Any true Doctor Who fan will probably understand what I mean by “fully functioning”. They have, bum bum bum, WORKING chameleon circuits! Here’s something else to ponder. The Master has had more than just the 13 lives (12 regenerations), which, as far as I know, had never been done until the Doctor received a new set during this past season when the 11th turned into the 12th. And even though he has been killed numerous times, he always manages to somehow find a way back. One of his deaths he did purely to piss off the Doctor, after he refused to regenerate in order to emotionally harm the Doctor, and viewed his DEATH as a victory! Seriously. Vote Saxon.

1) The Daleks

Really. Who else? The Daleks (and by extension Davros, their creator) are the truly classic Doctor Who villains. If the villains from a British show can make their way into the American cartoon Rugrats (BEFORE New Who became a hit over here for BBC America) you know they are big. The Daleks are the remnants of a species known as the Kaled, who were converted into their iconic form by Davros in order to win a war with an enemy. Davros also went one step farther, by removing all emotions except that of hate. They feel no pity, no compassion, no remorse, similar to Cybermen, but, unlike Cybermen, whose attempts to convert everyone stem from their version of emotionless logic, the Daleks simply want to kill everyone else because they hate any non-Dalek. How do they do this? With the most bad-ass weaponry ever imagined: a ray-gun that looks like a long stick, a body that resembles a pepper-shaker, and, of course, a plunger... god, I love the Daleks. Anyway, a few more specifics just for those of you who might not be as familiar with them. The ray-gun is capable of killing virtually anything, Cybermen, humans, even other Daleks. It can also travel through water. Their body is surrounded by a force-field which can deflect/melt bullets and absorb most energy weapons. It is also capable of self-destructing with enormous collateral damage. Finally, the plunger. They can use this plunger to interface with technology, crush skulls by suction, measure the intelligence of a subject, and extract information from a subject’s mind. In other words, control computers, kill you, see how smart you are, and then steal the knowledge you have. Awesome. They do have one weakness, but it actually helps their appeal in my mind: the eye-stalk. Is there anything funnier than seeing a Dalek spin in circles helplessly when it’s eye-stalk gets covered? I find it hilarious! And of course, a true villain needs to be scary. When a Dalek is coming at you, saying “Exterminate” over, and over, and over...yeah. That’s fear.

What do you think? Miss any? Disagree? Let me know in the comments!

Honorable Mentions: The Judoon, The Editor, The Silence, Family of Blood


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