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Jasmin Gutierrez

While Netflix is great to binge watch past seasons of our favorite shows, one of the best things going for them (currently) is 'Orange is the New Black' and 'House of Cards'. But what about its main purpose?

Lately, I have found that it is near impossible to watch some of my favorite movies as Netflix doesn't have much in its roster. As Netflix tries to gain more subscribers by including past t.v. shows seasons and creating "Netflix Originals" it has suddenly lost some of its luster with movie options.

As Netflix claims to be the online video store, shouldn't it also have the plethora of movies that will satisfy even the hard to find movies as a video store would have provided? Don't get me wrong, I can care less if there still was a video store around, (even though I still have my Blockbuster card) but even Max wasn't able to help me find the movie I really wanted to watch at the time.

I don't want to shuffle between, Netflix, Redbox and my Apple T.V. to watch old and just release movies.

All in all, I think Netflix should be more user friendly where in it would allow each subscriber to favorite their movies, create their own list and not only rely on "Because you watched...". Netflix could then suggest movies based on our lists (and my main purpose) have more options to choose from that what we can only scroll.


Do you think Netflix should be more user friendly?


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