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In the past decade, comic book movies have become a genre, with at least 4 coming out in most years. The comic book movie is becoming a common occurrence now and they're getting more and more popular. I grew up reading comic books and watching all the different movies and cartoons so comic book movies are always my most anticipated for every year. I'm going to be listing off a lot of comic book movies here, detailing the best of the bunch and some that just didn't quite work. I won't be doing the list in any type of order. This will most likely be published in three parts over the next week!


Batman Begins came out in 2005 and it transformed the comic book movie forever. A lot of people give The Dark Knight this credit but Batman Begins paved the way for the truly dark and realistic tone of superhero movies. Christopher Nolan did a marvelous job with this film and in some ways this is a lot better than its aforementioned sequel. I give it an A+!


The Dark Knight is often praised as the best comic book movie of all time, and it's definitely one of the best for me. This film is down right remarkable, it seems more like a crime drama than an actual superhero film. It features the best comic book villain performance of all time by Heath Ledger as The Joker for which he won the Oscar. This is undoubtedly one of the best comic book movies of all time because it transcends many different genres, its dark, gritty, emotional and damn entertaining. I give it an A+!


The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final entry in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy and it is definitely the weakest of the trilogy but its not a bad film, I actually think it's a very good film. It may be a tad too long and not feature as much Batman as we might have hoped but it ends the trilogy with a very poignant but uplifting conclusion. This film really split fans down the middle in terms of it being a good film, I know many that deem it terrible but many that deem it great. I think it is very good but it certainly has issues, but it sealed the trilogy. I give it an A-!


This was one of the first movies that got me into film, a real staple in my child hood. This film is great, at times cheesy but very emotional and dark. It had a stellar cast and a great direction. Danny Elfman's score is as iconic as the character and this will always be a film that pioneered the genre. It has its issues but for a film that came out in 2002, it looked spectacular and still does today. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero and this movie is a big reason for that. I give it a B+!


Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 is one of the best comic book movies ever made. It's fun, it's hopeful and it is incredibly done. This does everything a sequel should, take the stakes higher, put the hero in more danger. It features a lot of metaphors and really makes you think. As a child I used to have this movie on repeat, I have always loved it! I give it an A!


Spider-Man 3 was the final film in Sam Raimi's trilogy and it ended the trilogy in a very bad way. What looked to be like a very serious and dark take on Spider-Man ended up getting ridiculous and crowded. Spider-Man 3 feels more like SONY trying to fit as many characters in as possible and not trying to make a great film. Sam Raimi was unhappy that the studio forced him to do many things and this changed the film a lot, especially with the inclusion of Venom. The film isn't great though, it has a few very good scenes that I enjoy but as a whole its just not very good, it ends the trilogy on a down note. I give it a C+!


In 2012 the Spider-Man franchise was rebooted. The series was able to make a fresh start and change the character for the movies. We got a much more modern take on the character, it was a lot of fun. It had some issues mainly with its villain and "The Untold Story" never actually being told but this is a movie that I watch over and over again. The cast is a lot better and it feels more like the Spider-Man I used to read in the comics, a cockier more confident Spider-Man. I give this movie a B!


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fun and exciting superhero movie with just too much going on. This movie in a lot ways suffers from the same weaknesses as Spider-Man 3 did, and that is too much Studio involvement. Sony are now too set on building a franchise that it takes away from the movies. This all felt like set up for the Sinister Six. A lot of this movie is great, it is definitely the best representation of Spider-Man in a film ever. But there is too many characters and sub plots. The film makers were really trying to make something special here but the studio got in the way. I really did like this movie a lot though. I give it a B!


This is the movie that started it all, the one that began the superhero genre, and its still one of the best out there. It's characters may be very strange but they feel real. The themes presented in this film are thought provoking and incredibly relevant. I adore this film, I give it a B+!


To this day X-MEN 2 has been not only one of the best comic book movies ever but in my opinion one of the best movies. It's themes are again extremely relevant and thoughtful and the characters are real but the action is 10x bigger and greater. John Ottman's score is iconic and Bryan Singer went all out with this movie, this is a big reason why the X-MEN mean so much to me. I give it an A!


X-MEN THE LAST STAND was one of my most anticipated movies of all time, and when I was younger I thought it was the best thing in the world. Obviously I have come to realize this movie isn't very great at all and a lot of it is actually bad but a lot of it is good and I think it's extremely underrated. The action was exhilarating and fun and the visuals were mind blowing. But this film did a lot of things wrong, it killed characters off that should have stayed alive, it did the Phoenix saga wrong and a lot of it is just boring but quite a lot of it is also very entertaining and the action scenes are so good! I do like this movie quite a bit and I don't think it deserves the hate it gets. I give it a B-!


This film was another one of my most anticipated of all time and it disappointed on so many levels, mainly in the way it misuses some of my favorite characters and the screenplay is pretty bad. But again I think this movie takes a lot of undeserved hate and its an incredibly entertaining film. It's a mindless action movie with a lot of cool characters. The main downfall of this film is that it is trying to provide too much fan service by including fan favorite characters like Gambit and Deadpool and they are underutilized and done in the wrong way. But I still enjoy this film for what it is. I give it a C+!


My favorite movie of 2011! X-Men First Class brought back the greatness of the X-MEN franchise in the form of a prequel, it tells the story of Magneto and Professor X when they first met and how their parting of ways will change the world. Filled with masterful performances and a truly emotional story. I love this movie and its one of my all time favorite films. I give it an A-!


This is definitely the smallest film in the franchise, it feels more like a character study than a comic book film and it once again centers on Hugh Jackman as Wolverine who is at his best in this movie. For the most part this movie is solidly entertaining and a lot of fun but the last 20 minutes felt like a radical change in tone and it lost its way. This features the single best end credits scene of all time. I give it a B!

[X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942)

This movie has been out for two days in the UK and I've already seen it twice, I love it! Its action packed, emotional and incredibly well done. The story is important and thrilling and features the best cast in a comic book movie ever, the cast is huge! This is a time travel movie that centers on Wolverine as he tries to unite Charles and Erik in the past so the apocalyptic future never happens. I give it an A-!


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