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Part 1 included the lights of Daredevil, Fantastic Four, and [Deadpool](movie:38663). But, now we go even further! There is a lot of other characters that need to be either rebooted, or redone. I felt like I focused a lot on Marvel last list, so this list I'm going to do a little more DC for all you DC fans! Lets not waste another minute and get to what I'm CRAVING!

Green Lantern

People will forever hate me for saying this, but I actually liked the Green Lantern movie! I like the story, Ryan Reynolds, and especially that post-credit scene! But, A LOT of people hated it. So everyone is looking forward to a new or sequel to Green Lantern.

My opinion is that we do a sequel. Not only because I liked the first movie, but that end credit scene!

Did you see that! That was one of the best ever! It introduces Green Lantern's arch-enemy Sinestro! He looked awesome, and was portrayed beautifully. So if we have that sequel (or reboot) lets throw in Sinestro to make it awesome! But more importantly, make the script better to satisfy everyone.


Yes, that's right. Your probably confused why I put him in here, but hear me out! Now we all love Batman, he is my personal favorite, and I need my daily Batman film vitamins. I know that Batfleck is already underway with the suit and the Batmoblie, but we won't get to see a solo film for a while! After that incredible Nolan Trilogy, I'm CRAVING a new and maybe less dark Batman. As we already saw, he has a grey and black suit instead of all black. So, the future is looking for bright for the Batman I'm CRAVING.

But, that's in 2016! Then after that who knows how long it will be until that solo film. For a super popular hero like Batman, people want his movies to keep being made without any big gaps. I know that's a bit extreme, but I have a great love for Batman, and I CRAVE him! Plus a solo film can lead to him fighting villains like...

Mr. Freeze

If anyone says that this man doesn't need to be redone, they're smoking pot! He was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1997 Batman and Robin. Now lets talk a little about Batman and Robin. It was rated by my favorite YouTube channel Watchmojo, third worst movie of all time. Arnold was a great Freeze, but the dialogue and script was filled with puns from plants to snow.

Now I could go on about how bad Batman and Robin was, but lets focus on Mr. Freeze. One of Batman's most popular villains, he has a great story. His wife has a rare disease and he is trying to find the cure to it. He has to steal diamonds to progress in his studies, and is usually confronted by Bats. So Mr. Freeze isn't really a bad guy, he is just trying to save his beloved wife. Now I believe he could be real nice in a Ben Affleck solo film, it's just that we have to wait!

As usual below are some other heroes and villains that deserve to be rebooted or redone! If your wondering, YES THERE WILL BE A PART THREE, sometime in the future.

Don't forget to check out Part 1 and the rest of the CRAVE series on my profile. Leave a comment and take that sexy poll! Thanks for reading!

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