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I'm very enthusiastic about movies, I love making short films and I hope one day I can make a theatrical release!
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Hey guys, I love fantasy and medieval movies, so I thought I'd share with you my top 10.

10: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

That moment you realize both of Clark Kent's/Kal El's dad's played Robin Hood, interesting. Not the best movie ever made, but I love it, if its on, I'll watch it or if i'm in the mood for some Robin Hood, this is what I'll watch.

9: Immortals

I watched this one day on Netflix and it was good, only one scene I had a big problem with but other than that it was good. Henry Cavill brought a great performance and was the best part of the movie.

8: A Knights Tale

One of Heath Ledger's fantastic movies, I didn't get it when I watched it at first but after a few more times I saw the beauty and spectacle this movie really is. It is a must see and I'm pretty sure you will agree.

7: The Hobbit

I like both Hobbit movies but they do have flaws and a little overuse of CGI. Both movies are still great, we are seeing how everything in Lord of the Rings started and I cant wait for the third Hobbit.

6: Troy

The story of Achilles and a better time for Brad Pitt. Troy is really good and if you haven't seen it, go watch it, its amazing.

5: 300: Rise of an Empire

Not as good as the first one but not far behind it either. My favorite scene was at the end (spoilers) when the Spartans arrive to help and chant, oh my that gave me chills.

4: Gladiator

One of the best movies ever, its just amazing. Russel Crowe is amazing and he is an awesome Gladiator. I'l watch it any day, its that good.

3: Braveheart

Mel Gibson is fantastic at directing and acting and this movie certainly shows it. I like how this movie doesn't focus on fighting and killing and more on story and development.

2: 300

This was a hard one to choose but I decided for number 2. I have been watching it every day for the past two weeks and have not gotten tired of it, I even act like I'm Leonidas at times.

1: Lord of the Rings

This can't be too big of a surprise, its one of the best trilogies in movie history and its amazing. Just amazing.

So what did you guys think? Comment below.


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