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Some of you may have kindly been keeping an eye out for my ongoing series of articles called 'The Walking Dead: 9 thaangs to do during the wait for Season 5'. After promising to do something productive over the summer, once a month I have been publishing MY list of suggestions on how ANY fan can fill their Season break, regardless of budget and location. ALL The Walking Dead themed course!

We've all undoubtedly sat through at least one The Walking Dead Marathon (watching every episode from the beginning, in order, starting with Season 1 to present), why not try COOKING your way from Season 1?

Yes, that's right! I said why not try COOKING your way from Season 1. With recipes inspired by The Walking Dead episodes and IN ORDER! I hear you ask how is this even remotely possible? Do these recipes even exist? The answer is YES they do! Courtesy of The Walking Dead Survival Cooking Blog!

Start with Days Gone Bye: Tomato Macaroni and Cheese.

The AMC series opens with Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes regaining consciousness from a shooting-induced coma.*
He staggers out of the abandoned hospital he finds himself in. Disoriented, Rick is shocked by the sight of hundreds of decaying corpses littering the hospital halls and loading dock. He is quickly rescued by Morgan Jones and his son Duane. The three hide out in the vacant home of Fred and Cindy Drake, Rick’s former neighbors. With no electricity, Morgan prepares their evening meal by candlelight using cans of Sterno®. We can imagine he used staple items from the Drake’s pantry. Morgan went to great lengths to make life seem normal for his son. Kids love macaroni and cheese so Morgan likely kept the menu simple with this favorite. This very simple recipe can be made with only three ingredients and water. You can easily keep the ingredients on hand for any emergency. Including a Zombie Apocalypse.
*In case you were wondering...Rick's last meal before being shot was a burger and fries. After the Zombie Apocalypse, there will be no more McLunches. So we all need to learn how to cook together!
Tomato Macaroni and Cheese
Tomato Macaroni and Cheese

Cook yourself busy this Season break all the way up to Still: Mock Rattlesnake and Moonshine Stew.

Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene have escaped the prison together. A massive herd forces the unlikely pair to take shelter in the trunk of an abandoned car during a thunderstorm.
The next morning, they set up a tiny camp and Daryl goes hunting alone. Tracking a squirrel, he takes aim with his crossbow. The squirrel evades him and he realizes with a sinking heart that he has broken one of his six remaining arrows. Unwilling to risk any more of his dwindling supply, Daryl is successful in killing a rattlesnake for them to share. As they hungrily eat the meat, Beth decides she wants to have a "real drink" since she has never tasted alcohol. Daryl seems to not know how to respond, so he agrees. They make their way to a fancy golf club bar and Beth tries to sample peach schnapps. Daryl is disgusted by the idea of peach schnapps so he breaks the bottle and tells her that her first drink will be a real one. After finding a moonshine cabin and playing a drinking game; Daryl reveals that he did not have a job before the world ended. The only thing he had done with his life was follow his brother Merle around. Beth assures him that he was meant to survive and that he will be the last man standing. She decides that she wants to burn the cabin down. Daryl agrees again to her request and the two use the remaining moonshine as fuel to destroy the terrible little building.
It has been a bizarre night but both are still alive and have a better understanding of each other. Daryl would have insisted that they set aside some of the rattlesnake meat and dry it into jerky. While rummaging around for liquor, they no doubt would have found a least a few canned goods and seasonings. Rattlesnake stew would be a perfect way to use up the dried meat. Simmered with red wine (or a little moonshine if you have it), sun dried tomatoes and dried soup mix, any jerky becomes almost gourmet. Use rattlesnake meat if you have it. And for those of us that are not as skilled as Daryl Dixon, substitute regular beef jerky. Optional canned vegetables will make it taste even better.
And when the dead rise; you gotta stay who you are…not who you were.
Mock Rattlesnake and Moonshine Stew
Mock Rattlesnake and Moonshine Stew

All meals have detailed recipes, instructions and pictures! What a talented individual!


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