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The story of Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee has fast become the greatest love story The Walking Dead has ever seen, going from strength to strength despite everything the zombie apocalypse has thrown at them. I'm not counting Carl and his chocolate pudding, or maybe Michonne and her crazy cheese!

But will the against all odds lovers live happily ever after? And for how long? (Please be kind to them!)

Mark Williams & Sara Hirakawa have recently captured what it could have been like for the two lovebirds BEFORE it all hit the fan. In the stunning Life before the Apocalypse photoshoot we see Maggie and Glenn in idyllic scenes far from those we see regularly on The Walking Dead.

So stunningly beautiful I couldn't help but share! Visit the Lauren Cohan fanclub for more great pictures courtesy of Williams & Hirakawa.

Business as usual!
Business as usual!

Below a recap of Maggie and Glenn's romance...


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