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Danny Shepherd, director of online show Nightwing: The Series, recently sent an update via the show's Kickstarter on the upcoming progress of production and it's very exciting!

The finish line is definitely in sight! We have rough cut about 75% of our mini series! Episode one is almost ready to be shipped off to VFX, Sound design and music! Super exciting stuff!

Wow, that's a lot farther into development than I had first realized! If you follow Danny on twitter, or have helped fund the project, you'd know just how far their development team has come in these past few months with all of the filming and editing that has gone into this! In fact, Danny is not only the creator of the series but he also stars as none other than the show's titular Dick Grayson, better known as Nightwing (and, you know, I guess Robin).

That being said we will be announcing that date at the end of our full length trailer, which we are hoping to release in either June or July(ish)! This will finally give you a good look at our story and show you some of the amazing characters we have included!

Sounds like we can expect a trailer within the next couple of months! It's a good thing too! Even though our last trailer was definitely amazing, there was very little feel for what the show would actually be about, like what amazing characters don't we know about yet?!

This weekend we are taking a bunch of awesome promo photos for the series. These photos will highlight not only Dick Grayson and Deathstroke but a few other key characters that'll be in the series!

Well, I've done a little research, and I have some ideas as to who these mystery characters might be, but I won't spoil anything for you guys! Feel free to look up more about the series to find out yourself though! You'll definitely be in for a treat! A yummy, deliciously satisfying treat!

Now this has me thinking... what would a Nightwing theme song sound like?! I know Superman's, and Batman's, and Green Lantern's, and Justice League's... It's kind of my thing and now I want to hear the music for this trailer sooo bad!

Nightwing: The Series will likely premiere it's first episode online later this year!


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