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Yes, The title is not Misleading or a ploy or some play on words. I am actually about to give the argument that the latest installment of the X-men Movie franchise is the best Comic Book Movie based on a Marvel Comic Property, Ever. Better than Avengers, Better than Cap 2 and all the Iron Mans and everything else with a Marvel stamp in the opening credits.

Was that intro dramatic enough?

Well now that that's done Lets get to it.

Story - It was simply a better made movie

The overall story had enough complexity to provide depth as well as entertainment, but not overly complicated to where the viewer is lost, Which is not easy to do when Time Travel is a key part of the plot. In comparison, movies such as Iron Man 2 and 3, Captain America: TFA, and Thor 1 and 2, have had flat stories that lack depth and instead focus on the actual characters and their relationship with each other (thor and Loki) or internal relationship (Cap 1 and Iron Man 3). DOFP had a story that was compelling and made a plausible cause to call these characters together and why they had to go to such lengths to succeed. With movies like avengers, the plot was hardly enough to call all these characters together for this cause. The Earth was in just as much danger, if not more, in Thor 2 than it was in Avengers, and yet thor handled the entire crisis without avengers help. With DOFP, it was clear that the lengths the went to was a worst cas scenario option, and it conveyed that type of scenario to the viewer.

Character Balance - Everyone gets their Shot

Each character was given a good amount of screen time and even though many of the mutants had limited speaking parts, a connection was still made with the viewer and you could still get a good feel of these characters and the gravity of the situation they were in.

Source Material

There was a great mix of respect given to the source material and the creative changes that inevitably are made.

Plot and Pacing

The plot, was better than Avengers and any other marvel movie except Cap 2, it was about the same there. pacing was better than Avengers and Cap 2 with no wasted screen time, every scene had a specific perpose and couldnt be cut. The balance of screen time for each character was on par with Avengers, which was great in my opinion but since [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) had two the three times as many characters, they get the win in my opinion

Villians - They were Just Better

Most Marvel villians are either one dimensional, or have unnecessarily complicated schemes. Loki was a great villian, which covered up the fact that his plan was kind of dumb. Maleketh (thor 2), Aldrich Killian (iron man 3), were simply one dimensional. Bolivar Trask and Magneto had motivations and plans that originated from the complexity of their character. Who they were was inexplicably connected to what they were trying to do and they were both fighting for a cause, not revenge, or jealousy (Loki - Revenge/jealousy, Killian - Revenge/Jealousy, Whiplash - Revenge/Jealousy, Maleketh - Revenge. Also, the relationship between these characters wasn't a clear fight against right and wrong, good and bad, it was a battle of ideals wear most people could identify with at least one of the four ideals battling in the film (Charles, Magneto, Trask, and Raven [Raven's is a secondary ideal, but still important] ).

So my comparisons left out the sony spider mans because I honestly didnt think they warranted bringing up, I'm not saying they are bad, I actually think the Raimy Spiderman's have some of the best villian character portrayals among other things, just not really in the running.

And there we have it. Cant wait to see what you all have to say. and if I see enough compelling arguments to include the spidermans in the discussion then I'll rewrite the whole article including them.


Whats the best Marvel Movie?


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