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The Wrap has suggested that Tom Cruise’s newest film: Edge of Tomorrow could be “Summer's First Big-Budget Bomb” (of course ignoring the disastrous Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return). International Business Times even went as far as to suggest “Tom Cruise's Leading Man Career Might Be Over.” These claims are based on pre-release tracking, the same system that predicted that World War Z would flop. Well, the tracking system may prove its inaccuracy once again. Rather than the summer’s first flop, Edge of Tomorrow may be the Summer’s first surprise hit.

As of right now, Edge of Tomorrow is sporting an 90% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 8.4/10. Here’s what the critics are saying so far.

Justin Chang of Variety says:

“…the pleasure of “Edge of Tomorrow” is that it’s not an action movie first and foremost, but rather a cheeky little puzzle picture in expensive-looking blockbuster drag.”

Kristy Puchko of raves:

Edge of Tomorrow will leave you breathless and grinning. Simply put, this is why we go to the movies.

Edward Douglas of calls it:

The best action movie of the summer ... combining its innovative sci-fi premise with the type of high-gauged action James Cameron delivers so effortlessly.

Getting generally favorable reviews is one thing, but these reviews sound quite enthusiastic about a movie prematurely labeled as a flop.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the movie would succeed, but things are certainly looking up. It seems quite likely that audiences will eat this movie up. Even if the opening weekend isn’t huge, good word of mouth can quite possibly make it a sleeper hit. Here’s hoping the best for [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902), due out June 6th.


Can these reviews help the film?


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