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X-Men Days of Future Past is killing it this weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing the amazing numbers Monday and just how wonderful it did. The movie itself was very well done in my opinion, and exceeded expectations I went with some friends who are all over on the nerd spectrum and one hadn't even seen all the X-Men films. I was nervous with her being confused and not following the film well. Not that she isn't smart, she is very intelligent, but that problem exists with the Avengers films. You can't watch Avengers without Thor and Captain America first, you can but it's confusing. "Why are they mixing Norse mythology?", "The blue cube does what?" "How did he become this 'super soldier'" are just some of the frustrating questions I've received when these films are watched out of order. It was very nice to see [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) wrapped neatly together and not intricately connected to the six other films part of it's franchise.

One of the best things they did was age the characters ten years, this has given Xavier time to fall into his depression, Magneto time to wander off on his own and then become arrested and imprisoned. Mystique has become the crazy bitch assassin that we are more familiar with from the first three films.

First Xavier: I really enjoy the contrast between his younger self and the future self that we see early on in the film. He has always appears confidant and all knowing, but no person can be this way without first having extreme doubts and learning to move past them. We were able to see that in this film, we saw Xavier deal with the reality of never walking again, and realizing his own potential and importance in helping not only young mutants but all of humanity. Magneto: I really enjoyed the scene on the plane where he and Charles argued about who abandoned who. I have to say I completely sided with Magneto, while Xavier was moping around, taking this serum so he could walk he turned a blind eye to all the horrible things going on with mutantkind, many of who were experimented on, tortured and killed. The contrast with evil Magneto to the future version who died telling Xavier of how much time they wasted being on opposite sides of the battle is very awesome too. I loved Ian McKellan's performance. Wolverine: He was kind of the central character, kind of not. It's hard to explain unless you've seen it. He is central to the plot yes, but in the end he wasn't central to the conclusion. Even as a huge Wolverine fan I was very glad he didn't take the spotlight from other characters. The X-Men films are guilty of Wolverine usually doing everything. This was not the case in this film at all. In fact he was "defeated" and gone before the film's conflict came to an end. I'm excited to see where Wolverine 3 will take us. Will it be in the 70s with Mystique after she rescues him from drowning? Or in this new future where he doesn't remember the last forty years? And Mystique: Ten years since she split from Xavier, and we don't know how much time since she left Magneto. I'd like to think somewhere in that decade she had a baby with Azazel before he was killed and she abandoned it, or she believes it was killed. This could easily explain part of the darkness of her character. The baby in question of course is Nightcrawler, unknown to him, or Mystique, in the events of X2 these two are actually his real parents. I liked that she was willing to sacrifice herself for the President's men, and that she came around to do the right thing. I'm glad it wasn't cheesy and she still left on her own without Xavier or Magneto. It shows us she still has a lot of coming around to do before she is back with the good guys.

There were lots of hidden gems in the movie that one may not notice if you're not a huge nerd of the comics or cartoons. I'm probably missing some and will only catch them as I see the movie several more times in coming weeks. In my first viewing here are some of the things I noticed:

  • The boy with white hair that was in the very first scene, this boy is probably Cable. How he is alive in the disaster of a future remains unclear since his parents Jean and Scott are dead in this timeline, but the boy appears again at the end of the film when Wolverine wakes up in the new future. He's the first person Wolverine sees as he exits his room. In the new future Jean and Scott are alive, it would be perfectly explainable if they had a kid this age actually.
  • Blink, Warpath, Bishop and Sunspot are the new mutants in the future helping protect Xavier, Kitty and Wolverine. Sunspot. Not Sunfire. Easily confused because in the comics Sunspot is black when engulfed in the flame of his powers, but Bishop clearly calls him Sunspot.
  • Quicksilver makes a joke when breaking Magneto out of prison, "You control metal? My mom used to know someone who could do that." I felt silly laughing in the theater, there were so few that seemed to get the comedy. Magneto is Quicksilver's father, even though neither of them yet know it.
  • Speaking of Quicksilver that little girl in the dress he was holding as they watched Magneto on the news, is this Scarlet Witch or Polaris? Both are his siblings, and both are daughters of Magneto. Scarlet Witch is supposed to be his twin, so I want to lean towards Polaris but she was also wearing the Witch's colors so it's completely up in the air.
  • As Mystique is flipping through the files she's stealing from Trask Industries we see several images of dead mutants that Trask has experimented on including Angel and Azazel.
  • Ink and Spyke are the mutants with Toad and Havok that Mystique rescues from Vietnam before they are sent off to Trask Industries to meet the same fate as the others who have gone before them.
  • In the newspaper we see Trask is arrested for selling military secrets, presumably for trying to sell the Sentinels to the Vietnamese. In the scene where Mystique first tries to kill him but breaks out the window he's trying to convince these people to buy his Sentinel program, which probably wouldn't be illegal except that we know the United States was the original funder of the project, even though it was "off the books" according to one of Nixon's aids.
  • In the new future Rogue is back, all the X-Men are happily alive again, well Beast, Storm, Colossus, Kitty, Rogue, Iceman, Xavier, Jean and Scott. It also elludes to Rogue and Iceman being back together as well as Kitty and Colossus being together which is their relationship in the comics.
  • As for the epilogue after the credits the Egyptians are chanting "En Sabah Nur" which is, of course, the original name of the villain Apocalypse who seems to be putting together the pyramids. In the background we also see silhouettes of his Four Horsemen.

One of the biggest things that's been on my mind since the film ended is: Who will be appearing in X-Men Apocalypse, and who will be acting as Apocalypse' Four Horsemen? I love having new mutants introduced but it's also fun to see old characters return. HERE is my previous written article on who I would like to see return as the Four Horsemen. Read that and please leave comments let me know what you think!

I am very much looking forward to Apocalypse, unfortunately we have to wait until 2016! Apocalypse is THE X-Men villain. Darker than Magneto, he really has no moral compass at all. He's willing to do whatever he needs, kill whoever is in his way to better his cause whatever that may be. Only time will tell. One of the biggest things I'm still hoping for is new mutants. Hopefully Xavier's School will be re-opening and we'll see he and Beast begin teaching again. It has been confirmed that young versions of Storm, Cyclops and Jean will be appearing. This isn't surprising as one of the last things Wolverine says to Xavier in DOFP is making him promise to find and protect these three. I'll enjoy seeing young versions of them, I hope to see more of a kick ass Scott instead of the whiny, less confidant version we saw in the first three films. I could understand seeing a child act like that but not the adult.

I think with the story being based around Apocalypse we need to have Cable and even possibly Bishop coming from the future to help. I know Singer has said there won't be time travel, but two mutants coming from the future to help is a much less complicated version of time travel than we even got in DOFP, and how do you do an Apocalypse story without Cable?

I still want to see versions of Angel, Nightcrawler, Gambit, Emma Frost, X-23 and many others come around, or get rebooted too, but like they did in DOFP I'm glad they're pacing themselves as to not run out of characters. X2 and X3 was a who's who of one liner cameos,, or useless shots of characters and thanks to that we can't use them again without rebooting them completely and screwing up continuity. Yes I'm looking at you Jubilee! Please keep pacing yourself. Only use the characters if they're pertinent to the story telling! It's one of the many things that DOFP did right!

It was a wonderful movie. Possibly my new favorite X-Men film, previously being X2. What were your thoughts on the film? Did it live up to it's hype?


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