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Before I get into this review, I’d like to thank everyone who came by my very last article and showed love on it. I was not expecting that kind of exposure so I really appreciate it. I will try to bring you as much entertaining reads as possible.

I just left the theater, sitting at home sipping on a cold one while thinking about how I’m going to word this review. Will it come off as praise? Will it come off as a bash? Or will it be a nice balanced FAIR review of a film that was so highly anticipated by many. I guess the MAIN question on your minds is, “Did [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) live up to the hype?” Like my past reviews AND future ones, I will not go into details about the film. I will not divulge any scenes or go into telling you more than a simple summary that you don’t already know from the trailers and the summary on imdb. Sorry not my style. I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible. Instead I will discuss the main points I think make up an entertaining film. After all this is why we watch movies, right?

The Future of the X-Men is grim, dark, and downright horrifying. They, along with humans, are being hunted down by man-made creations called Sentinels. In the future they are virtually unstoppable. As a last ditch effort Logan aka Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is sent back in time to try and prevent it. His consciousness is sent back to his “younger” body to the 70s to stop it all from happening. He must bring old friends, who were then enemies, together to make this happen. And to do this they have to stop someone from their past from making the wrong move. Question is can he do it in time to save the future?


Bryan Singer and team are tasked with a huge gamble. They must bridge the cast of X-Men: First Class (past mutants) with the cast that is made up of X-Men, X2, sigh…X-3 and a few newcomers. This is no easy feat. Each character holds their own though. They all seemed very comfortable in their role, with the exception of the newbies but that’s understandable since this was their first shot at being X-Men. The characters that stood out are the obvious. Hugh Jackman does NOT miss a beat playing the Wolverine. I mean, it IS his 7th time playing the adamantium-clawed bad ass. James McAvoy as a young Charles Xavier was outstanding. He was really believable as a man who lost everything he loved in life. Patrick Stewart as older Charles was good as ever. Not a lot of screen time with him as most of this film is set in the past. Then you have Michael Fassbender who plays Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto. Dude has LOST it. Going full-blown crazy you almost feel his emotion as Magneto. Ian McKellen as future Magneto was just outstanding. His scenes were some of the best from the future line. Jennifer Lawrennce as Mystique was very believable also. She made a drastic improvement from First Class. The cast was just phenomenal. These are the main characters and the ones that stood out to me. The rest of the cast did their job well and executed good enough to further the plot. Last but not least Evan Peters as Quicksilver. There were SO many doubts about this guy right here. Can he pull it off? Can he do this? Can he do that? Then his costume emerged and then doubt turned to certain failure on his part. Let me be one of the ones to tell you that this is HARDLY the case. His portrayal was spot on! I mean his scenes, though minimal, were some of the best. I LOVED how they captured his powers and his quick wit (see what I did there).


Speaking of the plot it was really written well. I liked how they tie the story with actual historical events. I won’t spoil it but if you are familiar with the 70’s era then you will pick up on certain things that take place. The story was VERY simple and easy to follow. If you can bypass your mind around the whole time travel aspect, it’s pretty much laid out like a connect-the-dots drawing. But this was one of my gripes about the film. TOO MUCH STORY. I felt like it lagged a few times. Sure the scenes were detrimental to moving the story along but at the same time I think the balance was a little off. What I DID like however were the nods to past films. If you watched all X-Men films to date and remember them, yes even The Last Stand, then you will pick up on these little “cameos”.

Action & Graphics

My next point: Action and use of CGI. First I want to say is NOT ENOUGH ACTION. Now let me elaborate. There were great scenes from the future. The coming together of the team. The use of their powers. It was all top notch and you can tell that technology has come a long way to where we can make a man throwing fire or ice out their body without making it look cheesy and fake. Quicksilver’s scene was by far the BEST! The way they captured it in slow-motion was just flawless in my opinion. I gotta give the director an applause for that. And the last scene with Magneto and his army was fantastically shot. Now while we have these scenes, I just feel like they weren’t enough. And by that I mean the balance of action to story. This was NOT a Wolverine-centric movie; however I would have LOVED to have seen him go berserker AT LEAST once. I just felt the action scenes were lacking in quantity. Not quality, but quantity. One or two more couldn't have hurt.

Indecisive Author?

I have mixed feelings about this film. Honestly I do. I would like to say that people comparing this to The Avengers is just a little misguided. Ok a LOT misguided. They are different styles, and whole different characters. The gravity and seriousness in this film is more grounded. The tone in this is darker. This is set in a post-apocalyptic (note the reference) future where all hope is virtually lost. I do like that they kept it fairly true to the comics it seems. Bringing in the same characters and keeping it simple. What Bryan Singer successfully did was right the wrongs of 2 specific X-Men films. He basically reset EVERYTHING. You will know during the end scene what I am referring to if you haven’t seen it yet. So it DOES open the doors to countless possibilities. This film is set to possibly bring in over $100 mil over the course of the weekend so I know more is yet to come. And I’m glad he DID go this route. He made the time-travel plot seem so effortless and it worked in their favor. But did it live to the hype and anticipation that I had?

Final Rating

Overall I give this movie an 8.5/10 – It could have been SO much better. To me it didn’t live up to my hype and expectation. It felt more of a Sci-Fi than comic book/superhero film. It was a good solid film. The story/plot was excellent. Characters nailed their cues. And Singer miraculously saved the franchise to set it up for the future. BUT, and it’s a big but, to me the balance was too one-sided and needed more action so it would feel like an X-Men film.

Before I go, stay until after ALL the credits. It is a very nice set-up for their next film. THAT was probably the only thing to compare to The Avengers because the set-up/reveal was done in the same manner. A lot of people in the audience left scratching their head but I knew who it was. Did you?

Share your thoughts on this movie in the comments. I wanted to be more excited for it. Maybe I’ll have to catch it again. I hope you at least enjoyed my fair review on it. Thanks for stopping by.

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