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Well the 23rd has come and gone with the highly anticipated arrival of X-Men Days Of Future Past. For many of us this will be the top flick of 2014 and now we can all ask questions and speculate about what to expect next. I collected X-Men comics growing up and was one of the Saturday morning kids that caught the always awesome animated X-Men series. Naturally I have questions about certain aspects of the movie and I suspect that I am not the only one who has a few of these (?) floating around the dome.

Let's do a quick run through...

The year was 2000 and audiences worldwide were introduced to the X-Men coming to the big screen... and we can't forget that we met Hugh Jackman's take on arguably one of the comic book world's most respected and beloved characters, the always dangerous Wolverine. This of course sparked the wide blend of comic book heroes flying onto the big screen and the growth of something called a "reboot." Flash forward to today where comic book films are some of the most anticipated films year in and out and X-Men DOFP was no different. I myself squeezed into a crowded theatre in Burbank to witness the film that I knew would be the top dog of 2014 for me and it didn't disappoint.

Let's start with what I wasn't crazy about... (It's not much at all to be honest)

The Sentinels: Now I'm well aware that everything is not going to be pulled directly from comic books that were written decades ago. We live in a different world now, thus filmmakers tweak things... so I get that... But, I wasn't cool with the fact that the Sentinels resembled the "Destroyer" from Thor. However, I enjoyed the look of the Sentinels from 1973, I thought those looked pretty original and not too over the top.

Not much of the film bothered me since in recent years I've become more open to (inevitable) changes that filmmakers have made to plot lines, characters, etc. So we'll move right along to some casual questions.


Question 1: Does this mean that EVERYTHING that happened in X-Men: The Last Stand is null at this point? (Not that I have anything wrong with that, because that movie was not up to par by far)

Question 2: We all got a good look at a very young version of Apocalypse (and the Four Horsemen) in the post-trailer clip; is this what we will all see in the next film? Or will we see a version of Apocalypse loosely based on what we've seen in the comics?

Question 3: We've heard from Simon Kinberg that the film's last scenes we're a "final goodbye" to the original cast but didn't rule them out making an appearance in sequels. Will the primary focus of X-Men films from here on out be keyed on the young generation of mutants?

There are certainly other aspects to explore, including Wolverine having adamantium claws at the end of the film and what do future films hold for Mr. William Stryker...

Personally, I can rest easy knowing that I'm excited to see where this franchise goes from here. I just don't know if I have the patience required to wait for the next film....

What are we to expect going forward?

Let me the comments section...


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