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I have to say, I was very worried I would not enjoy this film. I was very excited for it and was waiting restlessly for its release, but now I am happily able to say that it exceeded my expectations and I greatly enjoyed it, and I would like to deem it a success.

I do want to start with some negative thoughts though. One being there were a few story plot holes in this, but that is almost impossible to avoid with this being the seventh X-Men movie, not including the fact that it is a prequel. Never the less, the relationship between Magneto and Mystique for instance was a little odd, considering the fact that the two of them are supposed to love each other, and this leaves room for questionable gaps with the other three prior films. But no more of that. I want to talk about why I did like the movie.

I thought this movie was beautifully cast, and although I was disappointed about Jennifer Lawrence being cast as Mystique in First Class, I was surprised to see that I enjoyed her role as Mystique this time. It was also awesome to see every single original cast member in this rather then having to re-cast, and it also was a bonus that we were able to see Peter Dinklage as Dr. Bolivar Trask. Another very exciting appearance went to Evan Peters as Quicksilver. A scene in which by the sound of the audience I can tell everyone enjoyed.

There was not a moment during this film that I found myself feeling bored. The snaps back and forth between the past and present also helped to keep viewers entertained and on track. Blink, Bishop, Warpath, and Sunspot were also able to make their additions to the film, along with Havok and Toad. In which there were some pretty pulse filled fight scenes.

One of the things that really dragged me into this movie was the characters. I missed Mystique's intense assassin side that was not portrayed in First Class, so I was very excited to see the reasoning behind her sudden transformation into her cold-hearten killer self. Another thing was the contrast between young and old Xavier. The struggle was very well-done, and James McAvoy's crying senses really gave me that heart wrenching feeling. I am also thankful that Wolverine did not take the spotlight away from the other characters, although it does seem like he is always stuck saving the day.

I am not sure everyone agrees with me on this, but I was glad they did not include a romance scene between Magneto and Mystique, it was something we as the audience new enough about without there having to be extra romance scenes added in to prove the point. It was subtle and I found that lovely. And as expected we got the snid-bit after the credits that further pushed the news about [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) coming out.

And hurrah! for some very interesting tricks from our mischievous mutants, such as Magneto's, arena White House barricade trick, and the amazingly choreographed combat presented by the future survivors.

Not surprisingly this movie has a 8.7 so far and I am sure the ratings will rise. I found it quite delightful and as far as the sequels go I just hope they keep getting better and better.


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