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Am I the only one that really didn't like X-men Days of Future Past (Dofp) as the weekend draws to an end in middle earth (I'm writing from New Zealand) I decided to pass on through the internet and read some reviews of Dofp and how critics are stating that its the best marvel movie ever. Firstly I know were open to our own opinions and all that hippy garbage but thats a pretty bold statement and secondly, uhhhh I really didn't like this movie. This weekend I went to a friends party and everyone was pretty much discussing the new flick and every one seemed to thoroughly enjoy it until it came to my turn to say my 2cents and I told them I thought it was a good stand alone film but not a good sequel for in my opinion and First Class was one of the greatest comic book adaptation films in the last five years or so.Dofp carefully constructed with precision and that was evident in the style it was filmed.

SPOILER ALERT: Throughout the film I couldn't help but think when the film was set I know in the comics was set in the late 70's and in the future I think 2012 or 2013 but in the film there was no evidence to see when this film set. Was it in the near future? was it straight after Wolverine (2013) I just want some answers really interweb am I asking too much. And I know what you're thinking "dude stop complaining they fixed everything up" and I will swiftly reply with "yeah I know" but this movie was just a mess I'm a true fan of story and character development and with franchises you can really showcase those features off and play around with different character dynamics however Dofp only had one real character arc and development and this was James Mcavoy's Charles Xavier and I really liked how dark this character got and the limits we saw him at they could've pushed the envelope a little more but other than that it was great and reminisces of the comic book.

Also what the hell did Magneto do, remember that scene when the future X Men were just chilling in that weird place in Moscow and they persuaded Wolverine to go into the future. There was a line Magneto said in that scene that really puzzled me. "you're going to need my help too" seriously all he did was cause more trouble for the X Men and almost messing up the time line again. If future Magneto did something similar to what he did in the past that Wolverine went to couldn't he just warn Wolverine and say "oh btw I'm going to go on my own tangent just try and stop me please to ensure I don't mess it up"

However though there were some negatives in the film and in the writing the movie did display the future of the franchises and really showed what could happen when you put a little thought into the movies and a little bit more heart.

But I have to state the pros of the film and that was Quicksilver he has got to be one of the greatest highlights in the film and especially in the scene where they were in the kitchen running a muck that was great and really showed the movie fans of the X Men the other unique and rich characters that the X Men do have. Also did anyone catch the line Peter said "hey my mum said she knew someone who could manipulate metal" what a great easter egg that no one in the X Men movies acknowledged it at all and not even the sly dog Magnetto. Of course we know in the comics Magneto fathered twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver who are both going to be in the [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) next year however they will be played by different actors and they are not allowed to mention that they are mutants so the words meta humans or something like that will thrown around.

Secondly, the diversity of the X Men in the opening scenes was absolutely brilliant we had a few new mutants we haven't seen before and it was really cool to see them in action.

And then the ending cameo with pretty much every one reprising their roles in the previous films coming together and saying a few words to our hero Wolverine and it is always great to see a New Zealander on the big screen as well (Anna Paquin).

Now the movie has officially rebooted in a non hollywood fashion I know we are definitely going to see more X Men movies in the near future in fact two are already in production [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) and Wolverine 3. And we have already been promised a Channing Gambit as well.

I knew the film was really made about fixing all the holes they made in the previous film and I know I have spoke some smack about this film but it was a really good summer popcorn movie. (for my USA peeps) However as a franchise film it left me with more questions unanswered once again which is not surprising considering it is an X Men movie and all X Men movies seem to be answered until the silencer of Bryan Singer comes off in the next few years.

What did you think?

Please note this is my first article I've written :) please be kind


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