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I've done fan un-castings in the past. This is about future roles that certain actors shouldn't NEVER, EVER go near. Or actors who have the roles, but should be given the boot because they really just don't fit. We aren't all going to agree on my picks, which is fine. Anyway on with the show!


Marvel’s newest Spiderman, Miles Morales has taken the comic world by storm. Even Andrew Garfield has mentioned he would like to see the cinematic torch passed to the Miles Morales character. If a Spider-Man film featuring Miles Morales ever comes to fruition, I think a complete unknown should be cast for the role. However, for some reason, this ridiculous picture (SEE TITLE PHOTO) of Jayden Smith keeps popping up. Why does his name always seem to come up when it involves a role for a young black male under age 20? Jayden Smith needs a lot more acting lessons, and a lesson in how to be humble before he takes on any other acting gigs. This would be a hideous casting decision. No way Jose!


Fire this woman! This is truly an un-casting experience. January Jones already has the role, and Fox needs to give her the pink slip and fast (After having seen DoFP she may not be returning anyway). How could they cast one of the most important characters roles (especially pertaining to the future of the X-Men), by hiring the worst actress they could find? She has about as much talent and charisma as a wet 2x4 piece of wood. Gemma Arterton, Amber Heard, damn, anyone else could have done well in this role. If this character is to ever return, please get rid of January Jones and cast another actress!


It is unfortunate, but Hugh Jackman will not be around forever. Nor will is he willing to play Wolverine well into his 90s (what a shame). There have been rumors and fan castings here and there; when the time comes for him to quit, who will be a worthy replacement? I have heard Sam Worthington’s name thrown around a few times. This is a no go for me. Worthington has yet to prove his talent. The reason why Jackman works is because he is talented, plays the part well, and draws people to the box office. Worthington has yet to show he is as charismatic. He had the chance to prove himself with Clash of the Titans, and that was a big flop across the board. Now, I understand, that every talented actor/actress is not always going to be a box office draw, but something has to give.


Just because Johnny Depp has done a variety of quirky roles, does not mean he is fit for Dr. Strange. I understand he is Disney’s love child, but Marvel has had much success with casting unknowns, un-familiars, and giving career revivals, why stop with Dr. Strange? I do agree that Johnny Depp has the attitude, the look, and the Dr. Strange flare, but he also hasn’t been much of a big box office draw these days. With his films being hit or miss, is it really a good idea to go this route? I don’t see this happening. It would be a huge gamble. Not because of talent, but I think he’s gotten enough screen time. Let someone else get an opportunity.


What a mess....This is the only non-comic book choice on this list, this had bad written all over it. What is WB thinking? They are completely whitewashing this character. Of all of the actresses they could have chosen, why her?! Rooney Mara is not going to be able to pull this off. I think she is talented, but I find her performances stiff and ridged. The character of Tiger Lilly is the complete opposite. This was not a good idea from the start, and it will definitely reflect at the box office.

UN-honorable mentions

Gal Gadot/ Wonder Woman

Jesse Einsenberg / Lex Luthor

Tom Cruise / Edge of Tomorrow

Megan Fox /April O’Neil Miles

Teller/ Reed Richards

Katee Sackoff/ Ms. Marvel


Who would you LEAST like to see in these prospective roles?


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