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For years, Universal has had the movie rights to "The Sub-Mariner," though they've never gone ahead with a feature film (probably due to issues with their other superhero outings).

But a writer from THR Tweeted the news that Marvel now has the rights back. While this isn't an official confirmation, it's a development many of us are excited to hear.

Of course, this news comes as somewhat of a surprise due to the rumors that Universal had planned a Namor movie for a November, 2016 release. The THR writer, Borys Kit, had this to say:

“But at least one thing is wrong: Universal does NOT have the rights to the Sub-Mariner. Marvel has them.”

As the comic book movie landscape continues to be more disparate with Fox and Sony handling their own private corners of the Marvel universe, this news is a welcome relief that Universal won't be competing as well, and this is certainly a huge step forward for Marvel regaining the movie rights back to some of their most promising, untapped characters.


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