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If there's one thing to be said about Dylan O'Brien it's that you never know what will come next. When Dylan first appeared on Teen Wolf in 2011 as Stiles Stilinski, we all saw him as the goofy, awkward sidekick. Although in season 2 and 3A Stiles became the hero we all knew he was. Dylans' acting just continued to get better and better, especially in Teen Wolf season 3, but in season 3B of Teen Wolf we saw him in a completely different way, as Dylan O'Brien took on the role of the villain. Dylan's acting in Teen Wolf Season 3B was beyond amazing!! He played both Stiles Stilinski, the poor tortured soul, and the evil nogitsune.

He can go from miserable teenage boy to evil and psychotic in seconds!!

Dylan's phenomenal performance in Teen Wolf 3B was really something to see!!

What was so special about Dylan's performance is that we've never seen him step so far out of his element, which is humour. In his past movies, High Road (2011), The First Time (2012) and The Internship (2013), he has always been the funny, awkward or geeky kid, but that completely changed in the past season of Teen Wolf.

Dylan O'Brien started out just like the rest of us, trying to find his place in this world. At the age of fourteen, Dylan had a YouTube channel were he posted hilarious videos!

It was thanks to this YouTube channel that Dylan's acting talents got noticed. A local producer approached him about working on a web series, one thing led to another, and several auditions later Dylan got one for the lead role in Teen Wolf. But after reading the script he decided he wanted to audition for the role of Stiles instead. Thank god because I can't imagine anyone else playing Stiles Stilinski!!

Dylan was also a member of a band called "Slow Kids at Play" in which he was the drummer.

In 2013 Dylan landed the lead role of Thomas in the movie of James Dashner's novel The Maze Runner. Catch Dylan O'Brien in The Maze Runner premiering September 19th, another one of Dylan's performances that you do not want to miss!!

Dylan is also said to star in the upcoming scifi movie Glimmer which is currently in production.

I for one can't wait to see what happens next for Dylan O'Brien, he is amazingly talented and I see big things in his future.


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