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With X-men Apocalypse announced for May 2016, and Days of Futures Past giving us a glimpse of the eponymous villain, there is a lot of speculation of what we are to expect. Here is what I know what will happen, and what is to be expected of the 8th instalment in the X-men franchise.

Who is to return?

It has been announced that James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence will reprise their roles as Charles Xavier, Magneto and Mystique. Also, Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Jackman will return as Beast and Wolverine. Evan Peters has also been confirmed to reprise his role as Quicksilver, with producers stating that he will have an expanded role this time around.

Family re-union's never go as planned
Family re-union's never go as planned

Who will we see?

Channing Tatum has been confirmed to portray Gambit in Apocalypse and a solo movie. This will be Gambits second appearance in the X-men film franchise, with Taylor Kitsch portraying the Cajun in X-men Origins: Wolverine. But with the future altered in Days of Futures Past, it seems Gambit will differ from the Origins storyline.
Producers are also looking for a younger Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey. This seems like it will be a nod at Days Of Futures Past when Logan told Charles to remember the names of Scott, Jean and Storm.

The Ragin' Cajun
The Ragin' Cajun


Whenever you have Apocalypse... you need to have Cable. Cable is a mutant from the future and the son of Cyclops and Madelynn Pryor (a clone of Jean Grey) He has only one goal in life, to destroy Apocalypse. With Fox attempting to produce an X-Force movie and expand their film universe, including Cable into Apocalypse would be a great way to establish the X-Force.

The inclusion of Cable can also lead to the inclusion of...


Some may consider Deadpool and Cable's buddying comedic humour as Marvel's somewhat equivalent of DC's Green Lantern and Flash's Brave and The Bold team ups. With both of them set to appear in the X-Force movie and Fox trying to get a working script for Deadpool, it seems plausible that Deadpool will appear. With the timeline for Origins all but removed from the X-men universe, this would be the perfect chance for Fox to get the Chimichanga loving mercenary correct, rather than re-booting him. I'm sure everyone would love to see the Merc with a Mouth done correctly.

Hilarity is inevitable.
Hilarity is inevitable.


As the name of the film suggests, we will see Apocalypse. We have already seen a clip of his younger self in the post credits scene from DOFP, but producers have told us that we will see an older Apocalypse in the movie. The only question is, what will he look like? Personally, I would love to see his form from X-men Evolution (pictured above), which brings me to another point

The Four Horsemen

When including Apocalypse into a story, you must have his Four Horsemen, Death, Pestilence, Famine and War. His Horsemen differ from time to time, with Angel being the most recurring addition, but I would like to see The Horsemen looking like the X-men Evolution line-up of Professor X, Magneto, Mystique and Storm. With all 4 characters confirmed to be in the movie, I would go with this line up for the Horsemen.

X-men Evolutions Horsemen line up
X-men Evolutions Horsemen line up

A Deadpool movie has been announced and it has been confirmed that it will exist in a shared Universe that Fox will be setting up! What does this mean!? Deadpool will appear on screen before Apocalypse!

Channing Tatum has confirmed that he wants to introduce Gambit to the big screen in a completely unique way! What could this mean? Either they are planning a spin-off, or he will be introduced as a Horseman!?


What would you most like to see in X-men Apocalypse?


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