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With recent rumors circling that Universal could be planning a Namor movie for their mystery movie date at the end of 2016! Everyone is up in arms but it sounds as though we may have just gotten some inside scoop from Borys Kit! He's a writer over at Hollywood Reporter, a site that would definitely have the kind of connections needed to know a thing or two about future movie plans!

This report seems to contradict the current belief that Namor's rights still lie with Universal, however with Kevin Feige's evasive answers in a recent interview with IGN on the current status of Namor's film rights seem to suggest Marvel may have the rights back after all!

Namor I think is a little complicated, the way some of them are.

Feige's words seem to refer to Marvel's abundance of weird contract characters, like how the Hulk's rights are actually shared with Universal and Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver are shared with 20th Century Fox which brings us to Kit's next point:

This same deal was made with the Hulk since Marvel doesn't own sole rights to the green king, but it seems as though a deal could definitely be worked out considering that the Hulk has been in two Marvel Studios films so far! So what do you think?! Could Namor really be shared rights with Marvel Studios, or better yet, has Namor finally returned home one and for all?!

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