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Recently, DC fans have been treated to a slow, but hopefully steady leak of information about the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. First and foremost, the title was recently released, as [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870).

Furthermore, some pictures have been released, including that of Ben Affleck's official Batman Suit and Batmobile, and Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck on set for shooting. And, of course, it was announced that shooting for the movie started just a few days ago (little less than a week, to be precise).

Though, one bit of information seems particularly intriguing. In addition to the announcement that the roles of Lex Luthor and Batman's butler Alfred were cast, there was also news that they found an actor, Ray Fisher, for the part of Cyborg.

Ray Fisher as Victor Stone, aka Cyborg
Ray Fisher as Victor Stone, aka Cyborg

Now, this is typically the point where some whiny fans might start off into a rant about how Fisher isn't right for the part, or how casting Cyborg instead of their personal favorite Justice Leaguer will somehow result in utter ruin for the DC Cinematic Universe. Rest easy: that is, by no means, the purpose of this article.

While I don't particularly have any feelings about Fisher himself (I've never seen his work), the choice of Cyborg is an intriguing one. One has to ask, what does his casting mean for other members of the League? In particular, which members will be removed from the founding cast, in Cyborg's favor?

Rather than considering who this writer would personally want to be on the team ('cause let's face it, Zatanna probably isn't showing up any time soon), let's take a look at who is actually likely, by standards of the studios, and mainstream fans.

A roster this big, or bigger...could it happen?
A roster this big, or bigger...could it happen?

Okay, from personal observation, the team seems to round off its main focus members, at most, with seven characters. If such is the case within the movie as well, this leaves about three spaces open (give or take one or two).

Likely: Aquaman

Regardless of folks who still show him disgust, disdain and ridicule, we likely will see Aquaman in this movie. He's shown himself in recent years to be fearless, honorable and level-headed; not just a noble and capable leader, but a good team player. And DC insiders seem intent on finally showing him due respect.

Plus, his powers have been way upgraded since the time of the Super-Friends. No more are the days when he calls on his fishy friends to solve even the most mundane of his problems; he has grown into a trident-wielding, wave-riding, building-lifting butt-kicker...Kraken and Cthulhu beware.

Furthermore, if we have Wonder Woman hailing from Themyscira as a princess of the Amazons, there's absolutely nothing keeping us from seeing Aquamanhail from Atlantis as King of the Atlanteans. It's plausible, in this expanding JLA world.

The King is not amused...
The King is not amused...

Likely: The Flash

And despite what most might have in mind, in reference to the Arrow series or The Flash series on the CW, it has been confirmed that neither of those shows are connected to the DC Cinematic Universes.

While this might be bad news for folks who wish to see Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin on the big screen, this is good news for folks who feared that the Flash's small-screen role might keep him off the big screen. In essence, you can more than likely count Flash in for the Justice League movie as well. And rightfully so!

The Flash is just as much a staple in the JLA as Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman! A very powerful and distinctive character (in terms of personality and powers), it'd be a shame if he were left out. His quick feet and his quicker wit will undoubtedly be scene-stealers, livening up the mood throughout the movie.

Wanna see me kick butt?...Wanna see me do it again?
Wanna see me kick butt?...Wanna see me do it again?

Likely: The Green Lantern

Now, as much as some folks might call this into question (especially after the fan criticism of the 2011 film), it only makes sense that the Green Lantern is still in the running. That movie has already been stated not to be included within the DC Cinematic Universe, which automatically says that the character is still in play.

And with good reason. The 2011 film, first off, did Hal Jordan a horrible injustice, and this would be the perfect opportunity to bring him back, with a different face (mainstream folks would never know the difference) and a much better story, which would be great to presage his own later adventures with the Lantern Corps.

Or, if they perhaps want to save Hal Jordan for later, there's always the chance to bring in some of the other Lanterns (ie Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Simon Baz or--more likely--John Stewart). So much potential to play with here, both in League and Lantern movies, Warner Bros. would be crazy to pass this hero up.

  Hal, John, Kyle, Guy, Simon...take your pick!
Hal, John, Kyle, Guy, Simon...take your pick!

Unlikely: Martian Manhunter

As sad as it is to say, something about the idea of a flying, shapeshifting Martian telepath gives off the impression that the Justice League writers will probably want to let the Martian Manhunter sit this movie out.

As this world is supposedly somehow 'based in reality' or 'grounded in the real world', they will probably discard him simply due to his shapeshifting powers being very hard to explain by established science. Not to mention, him being the last known survivor of a dead alien's sort of Superman's spiel.

Now, don't take this as this writer's own bias. Personally, I like his story and personality, and I say 'the weirder, the merrier' when it comes to powers. One just has to be impartial in these matters. I'll be more than happy to be proven wrong, but the Martian Manhunter just doesn't appear likely to happen anytime soon.

  Take me to your leader!
Take me to your leader!

Unlikely: Shazam

Another unfortunate likelihood, Shazam is most likely not going to show up within the Justice League (despite appearing as a founding member in Justice League: War). And to be quite honest, the reasons should be fairly obvious, to even the average mainstream viewer. He resembles Superman too closely, at first glance.

Certainly, the actual fans of the character know full well that there are huge differences between the two heroes, in personality, powers and history, but the average mainstream fan would quickly look at him and think, 'He's just Superman with lightning, a slightly altered costume, and a funny catchphrase'. Though, this is probably all for the best. If he doesn't show up within Justice League, then there's still hope (in fact, great likelihood) that he'll show up in how own Shazam movie. And when he does, we get to explore all of the nuances that make him distinctive as a character, power-wise and personality-wise.


Of course, this is all just the opinion of one writer. Certainly, there are reasons which may exist as to why Martian Manhunter or Shazam could or should be included within the Justice League movie. Its release is a long way away, and we could very well end up with either of these characters, or even all of them!

This is, by no means, confirmed or set in stone. Especially if, after the [Justice League](movie:401267) movie, we end up with a Justice League Unlimited movie series, which would include way more heroes. Just bear in mind that this article aims tentatively to narrow down some potential candidates for the most likely hero line-up.

That being said, what do you think? Regardless of what you personally want to happen, what are your guesses on likely casting choices? Has this article got it right? Have you got anything to add, or that you think needs to be removed? Feel free to let us know, in the comments below!


Who Do You Think is Most Likely to be Excluded (Left Out) from the Justice League Movie's Superhero Roster?


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