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So the title has officially been announced (took Warner Bros. long enough) and reactions are mixed on what to make of it. Personally I don't mind it, but all that aside, what does it tell us? Well, fear not because I am here to micro-analyse every tiny detail that this one picture tells us.

1) It's NOT 'World's Finest'

Yes, a seemingly irrelevant point but noteworthy nonetheless, and the one that occurred to me first. It's just such a perfect title that was staring them in the face for a batman/superman team-up that there has to be some reason they didn't just use it. Is it possibly an implication that this is not simply a batman and superman movie? Does it allude to [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), [Cyborg](movie:1043082) or other unannounced [Justice League](movie:401267) members playing more significant roles than previously expected?

2) 'Dawn of Justice' would say so

The subtitle does seem to further that idea of this being bigger than just Batman and Superman. It confirms what people have been speculating for a while: this is a straight up prelude to Justice League. It could potentially even have the League being established at the end, but it could also just be referenced in a post-credits teaser. Whatever happens, we do know that a Justice League movie is coming in 2017 or 2018, and its almost a given that this will lead directly into that somehow.

3) 'v' instead of vs.

Another minute detail of seemingly little importance, but if we want to really pick apart this title then we cant miss this tidbit. A "v" is generally used for court cases, and while I severely doubt that Batman is suing Supes for that satellite he smashed up (though its an awesome possibility), it could refer to this being a movie about a clash of ideals and/or beliefs between the two heroes. After all, we have an old, battle-worn and experienced Batman in contrast with a younger, more unsure Superman, who may nonetheless have his own views on vigilantism, so its a large possibility that they debate ethics at some point in the film. So this is a tiny sliver of hope that the two may not come to blows. Can I hear a hooray?

4) Batman's name is first

Firstly, let's just clarify that this is the natural way to say the phrase, not a clue that Batman is the main character in Superman's sequel. However, beyond that, if we stick with the idea of the legal side of the "v" then Batman's name coming first means that he is the accuser chasing down superman, maybe over that controversial neck break. After all, Batman could easily feel a sense of protectiveness for Earth, being the first hero/superhero, and will most likely regard the big blue boy scout with hostility until he proves himself.

5) No reference to villains

Now this could mean nothing, or it could mean a lot. Let's say for a second that its significant, it would imply that this is not a movie about the villains, but rather the heroes. Namely the formation of the Justice League, the birth of new heroes and Superman defining himself more throughout the film. We know that Lex Luthor is going to be in it, but bear in mind he could easily just be rebuilding Metropolis rather than a large oppressor while Metallo, Doomsday or anyone else provides the threat. Its more likely however that he will be openly hostile to Superman and will try to take him down in someway or other, whether its using violence or politics. However, judging from the action heavy [Man of Steel](movie:15593), I imagine that there will be at least one big action sequence of superhuman standards.

Bear in mind this is all speculation and it could all be completely wrong. If you believe it is, or that there's anything i missed, you know where the comment section is. Also feel free to let me know what you thought of the title!

Never stop lovin' movies or superheroes guys!


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