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We had a big battle this past weekend! A team of superheroes vs a giant lizard! Obviously I'm talking about X-MEN and Godzilla! Godzilla released last week and took the box office by storm, so can X-Men knock the big guy from the top spot? Here are the US box office results for this past weekend.

1)X-Men Days Of Future Past - $90.7 Million

2)Godzilla - $31.4 Million

3)Blended - $14.2 Million

4)Neighbors - $13.9 Million

5)The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - $7.8 Million

Of course X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST was going to be the big winner this weekend but I honestly expected it to have bigger numbers. I mean $90 Million is nothing to complain about but it got beat by Captain America 2, Godzilla and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with their opening weekends. I at least expected it to do better than Godzilla which made around $93 Million.

Godzilla certainly dropped in box office but thats expected, $31 Million is still good for the second weekend. Its had some mixed reviews but overall the reception of the movie is positive.

Of course Adam Sandler's new movie makes its way into the TOP 5, it was bound to happen. It's had mostly negative reviews so far and I'll be seeing it tomorrow to give my opinion on it.

Neighbors is still here, I didn't like the movie but most people did and it seems like people are going back for more. This movie has been out for 3 weeks now and it almost beat Blended, only being beaten by $30,000.

And poor, poor Spidey. Beaten by two comedies this weekend. Critics and fans really weren't pleased with the film, I really dug it and I've seen it three times but for a Spider-Man movie, this box office isn't amazing.

So there are the numbers for this past weekend. No real surprises, are you guys happy with these numbers, what did you think was gonna win? Write below and let me know! As always thanks to for all the box office numbers, make sure you head to their site for loads of cool articles about the box office!


Who will be Number 1 at the box office next weekend?


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