ByJohn Mountain, writer at
John Mountain

Directed by Dennis Gansel

Story by Dennis Gansel

Screenplay by Jan Berger and Dennis Gansel

We Are the Night is your typical vampire movie in that it explores the same themes i.e. sex, immortality, immorality and hedonistic behavior that countless other films of the genre that are not called Twilight cover. It’s the story of three vampires, Louise, Charlotte and Nora, and their recruitment of Lena, a young pickpocket on the streets of Berlin, into the ranks of the un-dead. There are no male vampires in this movie, only females. The males were too stupid to co-exist and were killed off by the women. But then maybe I’m getting ahead of myself in this review. I’m a little drunk, don’t you know?

Lena is seduced by Louise, the leader, who is blonde, statuesque and doe-eyed. It’s clear that Louise is the one who turned Charlotte and Nora. It’s also clear that they have been vampires (a word that is never uttered) since at least the 18th century. Now, after Lena’s transformation is complete and she joins this ghastly trio the four of them take Berlin by storm racing in stolen cars and, in the case of Charlotte, putting out their cigarettes on their eyeballs to the chagrin of restaurant patrons. Life is good and hedonism is the life for them. It makes it sad because you know that there will be a final, albeit expected and somewhat predictable confrontation between Lena and Louise. There is that and the results may not be what you perceive them to be.

I was pleasantly surprised with We Are the Night. Yes, there are predictable moments but the film never ventures into Twilight territory and actually features some rather spectacular moments of action in between all the un-dead all-girl bloodsucking action. It took me nearly six months to watch the movie - I’ve had it on my Netflix queue for that long. My only complaint is that it’s dubbed in English instead of being presented in its original German with subtitles. But that’s a minor complaint. We Are the Night is well worth your time if you’re into that whole gorgeous female vampire cum action movie stuff.


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