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None of us will have the chance to see CW's "The Flash" for ourselves until later this year, but comic book writer Mark Waid recently had the chance to view the pilot and share his thoughts.

Why should we care what Waid thinks? Well, he's been writing for "[The Flash](movie:15273)" since 1992, so he's definitely someone the CW wants to impress if they hope to capture the comic book fan base for whom their new show is based on.

As it turns out, Waid decided to lend out some praise for the show, despite some apprehension he had/has over the handling of Barry Allen's mother. He didn't write a formal review, per se, but he did elaborate on what he liked and didn't like about the episode.

Here's what he Tweeted after watching the pilot:

“Not only is the pilot EXCELLENT, but (for this) the dead-mom retcon doesn’t grate. Great show, and Tom Cavanagh is astounding.”

You may recall spotting Tom Cavanagh (Scrubs) during the extended trailer as Harrison Wells, a physicist from S.T.A.R. Labs who will be aiding Barry during his heroic journey.

Tom Cavanagh as "Harrison Wells"
Tom Cavanagh as "Harrison Wells"

Later, Waid sent out another Tweet at series executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg:

“Seriously, you two. is really, really good. You made it work. Thanks for remembering he ENJOYS HIS WORK.”

Finally, here's what Waid shared with at Motor City Comic Con after watching the extended trailer:

“You know what? I liked it. I’m not keen on the whole ,’my mother was killed’ retcon, because I don’t understand why everyone has to have Batman’s origin. But, that said, I really like the visuals of it. I like the look of it. I like that he seems to be having fun as a superhero. Because, again, if your superpower is that you can run really fast and make time stop, it would be a blast. I don’t want to hear your problems. How you can have that problem and still be upset? ‘Oh my diamond shoes are too tight. Oh no!’ So I think that’s awesome, and I gotta say — I admit I got chills when he said, ‘My name is Barry Allen, I’m the fastest man alive.’ That gave me chills.”

But that's just one opinion. For now, we'll have to wait patiently to find out if the CW really does have what it takes to pull off an honestly good "Flash" series.

Here's the extended trailer, in case you haven't had a chance to see it yet:


Do Waid's comments make you want to see "The Flash?"

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