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Ok, So for those who have already seen [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) I ask this Question: In the time altered present of the X-Men did Logan forego the Weapon X procedure and avoid the memory loss that followed?

If you watch the scene towards the end where the paramedics pull Logan out of the Potomac, We see Major William Stryker (Mystique) telling them "I'll take him from here."

Does this mean that Wolverine avoids the Weapon X procedure and keeps his Bone Claws? He already had memory flashes of what Stryker would do to him. Common sense says that Raven (Mystique) took him to Xavier to rehabilitate as the future Logan's mind was sent back to our present (or actually 2023 which was the present day of the movie.)

Cuts through Humans just fine!
Cuts through Humans just fine!

The Logan of 1973 was dazed and confused but Xavier, with his mental powers intact would be able to help calm Logan down and center him. If Logan never loses his memories to the Weapon X procedure, that would explain why he is the "History Teacher" at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Logan (James Howlett) would have 1st hand knowledge of History going back to the 1850's Alberta Canada.

This would also give him an advantage over Magneto, who can no longer throw him around at will. Now, he has to wrap metal around him to stop Wolverine (much like he had to stop Beast.)

So what do you think?


Does Wolverine Undergo The Weapon X Procedure?

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