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So because of the Godzilla movie that came out the 16th Godzilla has been on everyone's mind. The movie has been talked about and talked about for the past two weeks, but when Warner Bros. admitted that a sequel is already in the works people started talking about that. And a lot of the talk has been about who is going to be the next monster for Godzilla to fight? Well I don't know who is going to be, but I can certainly tell you who I think it should be.

First of all, I think it was a smart move on the film makers side to establish that there are possibly more monsters living underground like Godzilla and the other monsters were. This sets up for more monsters to be seen.

Second, I wonder if the film makers are just going to make up another monster and not use one from the Godzilla mythos. When I first saw the trailers for the [Godzilla](movie:45291) movie and I saw glimpses of the flying monster I thought it was Rodan, but to my disappointment it wasn't. The only reason I was disappointed was because they came up with a totally uninspired monster for the King to fight and I don't want some cookie cutter crap like the ones we got to be in the sequel.

Third, in the movie there were some subtle hints referring to Mothra. This has lead people to believe that Mothra might be the next monster in the sequel. Now whether or not they decide to use the classic Mothra, who is a mystical protector of Earth, or they decide to use a more natural force of nature Mothra like Godzilla I don't really care. In my own opinion, Mothra should not be apart of this new series. Because magic doesn't fit in this world they've created. With all the science and nature crap they threw into this movie I highly doubt they would put a magical giant moth followed around by two magic twin fairies in the next. Also, if they decided to put a regular giant no magic moth in the movie and called it Mothra I still don't think it would work, at least not for me. It would be a little too generic and would remind me too much of the last flying monster we had. Also, a Mothra like that wouldn't put up much of a fight against the kind of Godzilla we got now.

And putting every other kaiju Godzilla has fought, like Rodan and Anguirus aside, the monster I would like to see in the sequel is.... King Ghidorah!!! Yes, the three-headed monster from space! Ok, while this may sound like a stretch hear me out. First, I'd like to say while I did state that this world they've created is no place for magic, aliens seem likely. Not like flying saucer little green men or gorilla people from Mars. I mean just a feral monster from space that crash lands on Earth, everyone freaks, the monster awakens does some damage, Godzilla becomes aware of its presence, as does Ghidorah, the two meet and duke it out to see who should be called the true King. Godzilla struggles, but eventually overcomes this seemingly superior foe and kills Ghidorah. In the world they've established, to me that seems like a believable scenario. I mean I'm not talking Gigan or Space Godzilla. I'm talking a totally feral beast from another world. I mean a big theme in the Godzilla movie is humans can't control nature. Space is apart of nature. Humans have no control over, say, a meteorite falling to Earth. The same could be said for Ghidorah. Ghidorah would represent that part of nature that is way beyond any level of our control. He is the meteorite.

The movie would be epic because we would get to see these two bitter rivals go at it again on the big screen, regardless of the human actors and how much we don't care about them. Unfortunately, I doubt Warner Bros. has the same idea I do and probably won't use King Ghidorah for the sequel. But there's always more sequels. If you would like to see King Ghidorah or any other monster in the sequel leave a comment below.


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