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With the recent news of Gareth Edwards to helm the 1st Star War spin-off. I loved Godzilla and I don't understand why people think there wasn't enough Godzilla because there was more than enough, but i'm not here to talk about that. I think Gareth Edwards would be perfect but considering I don't even want a Yoda or Han Solo spin-off, that leaves me with Boba Fett which I do want almost as much [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158). I want him to helm a Boba Fett spin-off and here's what I want to to see happen.

1st: Bring back either Temuera Morrison or Daniel Logan depending on time frame, to play Boba.

You may not like it because they were from the prequels and everyone seems to hate the prequels, I actually like them. But If the story is after Return of the Jedi then Temuera Morrison would be perfect because, A: He played Jango and the Clones and Boba is an exact Clone and B: It wouldn't make much sense if he didn't.

Daniel Logan would be a smart move if the time frame is after Revenge of the Sith and his journey of becoming the most ruthless bounty hunter known to Star Wars. It would work because he played Boba and did the voice the Clone Wars episodes that Boba was in.

Bring in some big alien beast/monster type thing.

With how well he did with Godzilla, this would be an easy aspect. One of these 3 or some of the different beasts in Star Wars, he could make up one, but I want to see one.

A few Jedi and/or Sith have to deal with Boba

I want to see Boba fight and possible kill a Jedi or Sith, take trophies and show his true skill. Boba has the skill and it would be nice to see how he handles taking them down and his strategies to do so.

Rival Bounty Hunter Bossk

Him and Bossk have a rivalry and it would be nice to explore it. We cant have to much going on so it wouldn't be good to cram in to many villains but I still want to see this.

So what do you guys think? What would you like to see? Comment Below.


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