ByAngel Sabino, writer at
Angel Sabino

Let me start my review with this...I AM A HUGE GODZILLA FAN!!!

Now reality...I thoroughly enjoyed this film. GODZILLA was represented the way he should be...A FORCE OF NATURE....FEARED, IMPRESSIVE, UNSTOPPABLE,something to be be viewed in AWE....

Are there flaws in the film, yes, but they can be ignored by the shear brilliance of when GODZILLA first appears full frame. Just awesome.

I am not going into detail here, I just wanted to say that [Godzilla](movie:45291) is so on point in showing his grandeur that I can't stop complimenting it.

The director got it right. Did we want more Big G screen time, yes. The thing is what we did get just excited me even more.

Overall just AWESOME, AWESOME!!!



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