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Well, I almost cried this evening. Instead of going to a church gathering, I went to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. And this is what my explanation of the movie is:

At the start of the movie, you have the following mutants: Bishop, Bobby (Iceman), Kitty, Blink, Sunspot, and Warpath fighting off Sentinels who want to wipe out mutants who still exist. They are joined by none other than:

Charles Xavier

Erik Lehnsherr


And last, but not least, Logan...

Basically, in order to spare the mutants from being killed off completely, they need to send one of their own back to the 70s at the earliest, to stop not only an assassination, but also the creation of the sentinels. Sentinels were actually in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (game), so the fact that they took an already made machine from the comics and put it on film was cool. Their have been lab rats through out the x-men films, Erik being a science experiment for Sebastian Shaw, Logan being a science experiment by Stryker as well, to Charles using cerebro in First Class. But seeing as Charles wouldn't survive such energy that was being transferred by Kitty, Logan had to be the guinea pig for this missions...

Good thing Logan still looks 30, but he was supposed to be participating in Vietnam War. But Logan is sent back to the last place he slept in and is shot at by a trio of men for sleeping with the bosses daughter. Logan confiscates the keys to a car and makes a trip to Xavier's home/school.

Logan gets less than a welcome from Hank McCoy, who has found a way to suppress his mutation by taking some medicine to become human. Logan pushes Hanky farther and that sets him off to become the beast within.

Charles turns up and tells Hank that whoever is here for him can leave. When he realizes that Logan was sent by Charles future self, Charles says the one thing he remembers Logan telling him awhile back:

If your a X-Men: First Class fan, then you'll get the reference...

Anyway, after some convincing, Logan tells Young Charles that in order to stop Mystique (Raven), they need Erik.

Erik was placed in jail for a crime he didn't commit "Killing the president." Erik side was that he was trying to prevent a murder from happening.

With the help of Quick Silver, Erik, Charles, Logan, and Hank manage to escape from Washington, DC.

While some are fans of Erik, others are fans of Charles. Those who are X-Men fans know the story between Charles and Erik, they were friends when they were young, they had different views and opinions on people, but in the end, their human first and mutant second. Charles earned the right to punch Erik and deserved it. Let's face it, Erik abandoned Charles, took Azazel, Angel, Banshee, and Mystique out of his life. Anyone would have a serious breakdown and not function if the rug or world was pulled out from underneath them. This happened with Logan throughout his life.

Trask is introduced in the film played by my favorite little guy (Peter Dinklage), as who is supposed to be good, but he ends up as the enemy, thanks to his invention of the sentinels. It's basically a one time shot for a scientist who wants to help mutants.

Call me insane if you want, but if I wasn't, this review wouldn't have happened. Raven or Mystique as she prefers to be called is on a mission to find Trask and kill him, their by causing the sentinels to have her dna that would withstand anything. With Raven at war, anything can happen, good or bad. What stands between Raven and her chance at revenge is the old X-Men crew.

At one point, while trying to find Mystique, Erik gives a peace offering. A game of chess, which is something that Charles likes playing, but when he's feeling not so great, can be a not so fun game.

Erik at some point does what he does best. Confiscates a gun from a shooter. But, instead of trying to help solve the problem, he intends to commit murder, by killing Mystique. And after all that Charles, Mystique, and Erik went through, you'd think they wouldn't want to kill eachother.

No one thought to ask "What else could go wrong?" But the worst did happen, Logan begins to lose it. Like he does with a lady in bed at night, his claws come out and instead of scratching the past Charles, his present self turns on Kitty. I guess after everything Logan went through, he stills has amnesia.

But things could have gotten worse:

With both Mystique and Erik MIA, the chances of finding them both are 50/50.

Before this scene, if anyone knows what it's like to suffer a withdraw from certain medications or drugs, then the before hand is a hit home. But Charles takes a drug that combined with his dna allows him to walk, their by causing him to lose his ability in some way to hear peoples mind.

Charles once did this before for Logan in the first X-Men movie. So it's no surprise that he doesn't want to experience this again, but with time on the essences, Charles continues and shouts rights out "I don't want your suffering, I don't want your future."

At some point, Charles sees what he thought might be an illusion. But seeing the mutants that he would be teaching, Charles opts for a conversation with his older self, to which the response that he gets is this: "Please, we need you to hope again."

Trying cerebro with the old college try, Charles manages to tap into the minds close to Mystique and to try to confuse her into cancelling her murderous mission.

Charles makes a final attempt to get into Mystique's mind and to convince her to come home. This I find odd, because in the 3rd X-Men movie, Charles tried the same thing with Jean Grey, but instead of the younger Charles getting killed, Mystique ignores the request and boards the plane for Washington, DC. It seems that everything is centered around DC, with Erik being kept prisoner and Mystique heading their to commit murder, seems out.

It takes a long while to fully understand what Erik's plan is, but it becomes clear when he's going through checkpoints. Then for some odd reason, ends up in a baseball field.

In comes the one character I "love to hate." William Stryker Jr., now he's involved in the vietnam war. But he's hand picked to help Trask and the president. Adding to farther insult, 3 actors played Stryker Jr. Sorry to say this, but Danny Houston was better as Stryker in Origins: Wolverine, than the one in X-Men 2. But this Stryker, played by Josh Helman, so it's 2 guys that I like who gave the William Stryker attempted and passed.

But it doesn't hide the fact that the clock is ticking and for the mutants, time is running out. Erik seems set on killing Mystique.

While the drama unfolds on the news, Quicksilver, along with Scarlet Witch (brother and sister) are watching in shock and concern for their own future on earth.

Tragically, a future is shown in the present time: Storm, Bobby, Iceman, Kitty, Blink, Warpath, Colossus, Erik, and Charles don't make it. While the present is reaching a crisis point, the past is also having problems: Erik wants to kill the non-mutants, Mystique wants to kill Trask, Charles, Hank, and Logan want to see this fight spared.

In the end,

Mystique, convinced by Charles to not continue down this path, gives up the war. But for Erik, it's not over, he wants to see the weapon destroyed. Logan mentioned during the film for Charles to remember Jean Grey, Scott Summers, and Storm. Before Logan was tied up in metal knots and sent into the water, by Erik. While this is not cool, Charles was finally able to stop Mystique. But it doesn't change how Erik feels.

With the past having done their job, the future is bright for the X-Men team. Logan is a professor, Kitty is a teacher, Bobby is with Rogue, and Charles is back and working to help with teaching. Jean Grey and Scot Summers are alive and still, nothing changes the fact that Logan loves Jean.

Finding Logan in the water after being tossed by Erik is another thorn in Logan's hatred towards Erik. While I also hate the fact that Mystique is posing as Stryker Jr, I'm glad it's Mystique who gives the orders and not Stryker himself.

Here's my verdict: If you haven't passed this review up and are always wanting to read how someone feels about a series, then [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) is the movie to watch.


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