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Not to be confused with my "Top 5 Heroes I want in Arrow" article, this article is gonna be centered around [Arrow](series:720988)'s third season. In this poop-shoot of an article, I'm gonna start with 5 and work my way to 1. Everything will be logical ideas, no wacky ideas like the Metal Men (sorry, but fully functional robotic beings in this dark and gritty realistic world? Don't think so). Everything will be based off of something that has happened through the series already. The list will be from least likely to most likely. So, let's start, shall we!?

#5 Firestorm

Now, most of us know that Felicity (in the comics) becomes Firestorm's step mother. The idea of Firestorm being a part of this world is plausible through the Particle Accelerator explosion. I think giving Felicity some more story build will help continue the show more realistically.

#4 Solomon Grundy

We never saw his body get the full send off. Plus, the mass majority of us knows that Cyrus Gold becomes The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Solomon Grundy after he dies. This another thing having to do with the Particle Accelerator. Because of our unknown knowledge of what the explosion does to just us normal people, what does it do to people that are still infected with the Mirakuru. I'm pretty sure Oliver forgot about Cyrus Gold because of his belief that Gold is dead. Oliver believed he killed Slade back on the island but he came back. Why not Cyrus as Solomon?

#3 Black Canary

Now, there are still some people that are iffy on the character of Dinah in 'Arrow'. And I think you are rightfully able to have that opinion. As we have seen this past season of 'Arrow', most of us have grown to having a hatred towards the development of Dinah. I don't think I'll piss to many people off when I say this but I started to pray that Dinah would get killed off at the end of the season so Sara could stay as Canary longer. But, to continue, another result of the Particle Accelerator, Dinah gets her ultrasonic scream. It wouldn't be too surprising if Oliver starts training Laurel, but I'd rather have Ted Grant come in & start training Laurel & working with Oliver.

#2 Speedy

The chance of Thea becoming Speedy isn't too far off of happening now. With Thea leaving Starling with Malcolm Merlyn during the season 2 finale, it opens up to having Malcolm train Thea to become the master archer Malcolm is. How I would write this in would be Thea changing her name to Mia Dearden, Mia for some odd reason & Dearden for a remembrance to Moira. It wouldn't be to hard to explain because of how much Thea wants to get away from the Queen name & being with Malcolm, he doesn't want his daughter defenseless. BOOM! Her backstory for the couple of months she has been missing.

#1 One or more Bat-family members

The likelihood of a Bat-member appearing on 'Arrow' are too damn high... AND I LOVE IT! I know some people hate the fact that there have been a lot of Batman related characters pop up on 'Arrow' already but you have to know that Green Arrow doesn't have a shit-ton of characters to use. We know that DC wants to use Nightwing badly! Probably to try to redeem themselves from that disgrace that is 'Batman Forever' & 'Batman & Robin'. I did kinda like Val Kilmer's Batman but it was no Michael Keaton! The reason I said "one or more Bat-family members" is because if I was writing for the show (God, I fucking wish), I would write Dick/Nightwing in with Jason Todd/Red Hood. But I also have another storyline I would try to write; Dick Grayson/Nightwing ends up in Starling looking for someone on his own list of mysterious names (referring to the Book of Names Haly gave to Dick in the New 52). Or Dick comes to Starling looking for a woman dressed as Batman (Yes, Batwoman & I would have Kate Kane not Kathy Kane for reasons).

That's my list. I'm pretty sure you have your own list of what you want. If you anything to say, my comments are open to as much foul-mouth responds as it can take. So, leave your thoughts below!

PS: Did anybody realize that Isabel Rochev's name is in Oliver's Book of Names?


Which one of my ideas did you like most?


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