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In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Michael Bay is finally delivering the characters which Transformer fans have been waiting a generation for: The Dinobots. But what can we expect from the machines, exactly?

Well, luckily for us, fifteen minutes of Age of Extinction footage was screened recently in Sydney for a press event and one of the fans in attendance has provided us with a much-needed, detailed account of what that footage contains. Here's the breakdown, which we should all be taking with a pinch of salt until further proof:

  • There was a quick shot of an actual raptor style dinosaur, not a transformer. Obviously something tied into the dinobot that maybe tells there story? Not sure.
  • Shane (boyfriend) is introduced right after Prime breaks out of the barn. Prime obviously gets away and Shane rocks up in his Rally Car to pick up Cade, Tessa, Lucas and escape. They get chased by FBI dune buggy style cars that looked pretty cool.
  • Now this next bit was slightly disappointing. GALVATRON IS REMOTE CONTROLLED BY HUMANS! The humans send in Galvatron to get Prime and fight starts. Galvatron gets beat up but once Lockdown arrives and shoots Prime, the humans pull Galvatron out. So he lives on and will probably pop up later in the movie I would assume!
  • There is still no reason behind why Lockdown is on earth so can't shine light there but once Prime has been shot, Lockdown pulls him up into the ship by the net and this is also the point where Tessa gets stuck in the net with Prime. Cade runs and grabs the net but falls.
  • As Prime is getting pulled up in the net he says again "calling all autobots!"
  • There was a little extra footage of Ratchet being shot up but not a whole heap more to confirm if he is killed
  • Cade pilots one of the Alien small spaceships. Lands on a guys car in the middle of the city. Guy asks Cade if he has insurance. Cade responds to the guy something along the lines of "It's a spaceship! Do you really think I need insurance on a spaceship!" Relatively funny scene.

I tried telling myself that I didn't care about this one and that I've already seen three Transformers movies and blah blah blah... But one mention of a raptor style dinosaur and a few rumors about Galvatron and I'm like a 7-year-old child again. You win, Transformers: Age of Extinction. You win.

How are you feeling about an "actual raptor style dinosaur" in Michael Bay's next mech vs. monster mash-up?

Don't forget - Transformers: Age of Extinction arrives in theaters June 27.


Transformers: Age of Extinction Dinobots...

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