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With X-Men: Days of Future Past in cinemas now, Hugh Jackman already has 7 appearances as Wolverine under his belt and with Apocalypse on the horizon, and a yet another standalone feature with James Mangold on the cards, it looks like he'll be sticking to the role for a few more years at least. It's a character he's embodied for 14, but is the upbeat Aussie getting tired of it? Hell no.

Jackman- sporting the plaster from his recent surgery- sat down with MTV this weekend to discuss where we all are heading with the role; as well as the game changing finale of DOFP and what it all could mean. Thread lightly, minor spoilers await...

Speaking with Vulture last week, Jackman hinted at a possible Old Man Logan plotline for him and Mangold's potential Wolverine 3. Whatever the case, he won't be hanging up the claws for a few more years at least.

You guys thrilled to keep Jackman on board? Or is it time for someone new... Chime in in the comments below.

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