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At some point Marvel will get around to making the [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) movie and until then we have all the time in the world to argue over who should play the man.

A fan favorite right now over at the website 4Chan is the [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) actor Aiden Gillen.

If you are in support of this casting decision then you should make your way to and sign the petition. Upon receiving 200 signatures the website has plans to send this letter with all 200 attached:

Kevin Feige & Jeff Klein, Marvel Studios LLC. 1600 Rosecrans Ave Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 United States
Hire Aidan Gillen (CIA, Carcetti, Littlefinger) as Dr.Strange,

[Your name]

It's hard to know whether this approach will have any affect at all, but it's great to see that at least people are making an active effort to secure their dream vision of a movie. It's a reasonable ask that the people who will be paying for the movie and essentially helping it turn a profit have a say in how the film is made.

One example of fan opinion working was the casting of Dwayne Johnsson in Fast Five. In an interview Vin Diesel claimed that he made the decision based on a comment someone left on his Facebook page.

I suppose it all depends how receptive Marvel are to these types of things.

We did our own fan cast here at MoviePilot, check out our results at this link.

What do you think? Worth the stretch, or flogging a dead horse?


What do you think of Aiden Gillen as a casting choice?

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