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The astronomical success of Jaws in 1975 left the studios brandishing their teeth for a sequel but Steven Spielberg responded by saying that:

making a sequel to anything is just a cheap carny trick.

Shows what he knew eh...

The director did, however, consider a follow up to his next film; the 1977 stone-cold-classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind and he hired legendary make-up artist Rick Baker to mock up a few aliens for the tentatively titled Night Skies. Spielberg decided that the story of an alien friendship would be more appealing and so the film never saw the light of day.

Spielberg decided to rework the script as E.T. The Extra Terrestrial and, if these newly released images are anything to go by, he evidently took Baker's designs along for the ride. The effects guru joined Twitter last week where he was mobbed with requests for his concept designs. The artist duly obliged:

Spielberg, of course, made the right call, but how sweet to see these photos released after all these years. Baker's twitter account is already proving to be a real treasure trove. If you haven't given him a follow, well, you know, give him a damned follow!

Have you got a personal favourite from Baker's work? Let us know below.



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