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Following the upsetting news that Edgar Wright had left the Ant-Man project, Joss Whedon has again confirmed his status as the coolest dude on the planet by tweeting a photo showing his solidarity to his fallen comrade.

Check it out below and marvel at its simplistic beauty:

The Cornetto is synonymous with Wright's movies Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End, which were named the Cornetto trilogy or "Three Flavours Cornetto" due to the appearance of this delicious, British ice cream.

The latest report suggests Wright left [Ant-Man](movie:9048) after Marvel execs proposed sweeping changes to his script and then re-wrote large parts of it without his knowledge. It's claimed Wright realized his vision didn't match that of Marvel's so decided to jump ship while he still could.

There are two reason why I love Whedon's photo . The first is the rebellious nature of his support: it's ballsy to openly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the guy your employer recently parted ways with.

But way more awesome is Whedon's homage to YA hits like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter:

Katniss supports Edgar Wright
Katniss supports Edgar Wright
Hogwarts supports Edgar Wright
Hogwarts supports Edgar Wright

Well played Mr Whedon. Well played indeed.


Was Joss right to show support to Edgar?


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