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The accomplished Emma Watson has finally donned her gown and mortarboard to graduate from the prestigious Brown University.

The 24-year-old Brit studied her way to a degree in English literature despite working on no less that 5 major Hollywood movies during her time in academia. Clearly the outdated stereotypes of 'lazy' students do not apply here!

Whereas it lacked the pomp and splendor of a Hogwarts-esque graduation, Watson looked a picture of scholarly refinement at the graduation ceremony on Sunday.

Check out the photos of the proud actress receiving her honors below;

Along with completing a handful of movies and an Ivy League degree, Watson also seems to have made quite an impression on her fellow students. The star was surrounded by her classmates during the ceremony and she cheered them on as they received their degrees before getting a rip-roaring round of applause for her own walk across the stage. Bravo!

Let's hope the other students managed to cram their way to first-class degrees with the distraction of Emma Watson pencil pushing in their lectures!

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(Source: Time)

(Images: US Weekly via Twitter and Just Jared via FameFlynet and Tumblr)


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