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The most swolen of egos have finally become one super-organism of narcissism because Kim Kardasian and Kanye West have tied the knot. As usual, Kanye looked very happy with his decision throughout the day.

Don't get too excited, guys!
Don't get too excited, guys!

As you might expect the wedding was an extravagant affair taking place over 2 countries, and costing a whopping $14.7m. Which, I estimate, will make their marriage cost approximately $7.35m a year.

Along with a barrage of celebrity guests documenting the whole dazzling affair on Instagram. We also have some select quote inside the ceremony. Namely the one below which is guaranteed to make you vomit into your cupped hands. Never has the vapidity of one couple managed to be condensed so masterfully!

During the ceremony Kanye told Kim that;

Kim is more beautiful than I am talented

I don't think I am capable of writing any more than this without losing all my faith in humanity, so here is a handy number breakdown for you to feast your eyes on!

Kim and Kanyes Krazy Kelebration in numbers!

2: Countries

4: Bridesmaids and groomsmen (trust Kanye...)

2: Number of dresses Kim wore for her big day. How understated! She walked down the aisle in a Givenchy Haute Couture gown and then changed into a white Balmain number for the reception.

20: An approximate number of luxury hotels that were used by wedding guests

200: Approximate number of wedding guests

4: Meal courses during the reception

7: Tiers of wedding cake

20: The number of minutes Kanye West spoke during his wedding speech (I'm not sure if I am overjoyed I didn't hear this, or heartbroken!)

3: Live performances. John Legend and Andrea Bocelli serenaded the newlyweds during the party. Lana Del Rey surprised Kim with a live performance during their pre-wedding celebration in Versailles.

1. Smiles Kanye raised during the entire overrated shebang!

Do you think Kim and Kanye will remain happily married for long?


Was Kim and Kanye's wedding a bit over the top?

(Source: The Daily Mail and E! Online)

(Images: The Daily Mail and Hollywood Life)


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