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While filling in a few blanks left at the end of Season 5, executive producer Julie Plec anounced that Lexi will be appearing in Season 6.

This is impossible?

Well, apparently not, despite the Other Side having collapsed she will be used in flashback form throughout Season 6.

Plec had this to say about it:

Lexi is great in our flashbacks and part of Stefan's life, all the way from 1864 on, so we might see Arielle [Kebbel] again as Lexi in the past. As for the present, she sacrificed herself for her friend.

Keen to keep the fans happy after having lost two other series favorites, (Grams and Silas), at the end of Season 5; this is a nice way of not completely losing the characters while continuing the story. Another new plot-line in Season 6 will be that quite a long time will has passed since the end of season 5. It will be like a reset for the series with the 'no magic' spell continuing to be on Mystic Falls.

Plec also added a few comments about why she likes this idea:

Where are they living? What are they doing? How are they acting? And how are they going to find a solution to this circumstance that the Travelers created for them. It seems fairly permanent. With the time jump, they've had to come to terms that it is permanent. Who's going to fix that problem and how?

This gives a great scope and a chance for another interim story to have taken place between the events of Season 5 and 6.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 is expected to premiere in October 2014 on the CW Network.

What do you think about using the character in Flashback from?


Should Lexi be in the show at all anymore?

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