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New stills from the upcoming Luc Besson (Taken, Leon: The Professional) flick, [Lucy](movie:935973), have dropped online. The film stars Scarlet Johansson as a spy version of Bradley Cooper from Limitless.

If you haven't already, check out the trailer here.

Check out the stills below:

What are you gonna do about North Ikea?
What are you gonna do about North Ikea?

  Oldboy and the Crazy 88s
Oldboy and the Crazy 88s
Get busy killin or get busy dyin
Get busy killin or get busy dyin

I'm looking forward to this one. From the trailer there are obvious Limitless comparisons, but I suppose they are using the idea in a different way and perhaps on a grander scale. Johansson has always seemed to be spreading the net wide in terms of the decisions she makes and it's great to see in the middle of Avengers, Don Jon and Under the Skin; she fits in a bit more espionage; no problem to her.

Lucy is about a girl who is captured and forced to deliver a package that has been sewn inside her. Through the process of doing this she ends up acquiring super human skills which make her see the world and control it on a level higher than any human has before.

Lucy is released July 25.

What are your favorite 'everyman' characters who become Godlike?


Too much like Limitless?

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