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Kit Simpson Browne

Sad news for fans of GI Joe, and for childhoods everywhere. Donald Levine, legendary creator of the popular toy line, has died.

A longtime Hasbro executive, Levine created the 12" figure with his team way back in 1964, with 'Joe' intended to both appeal to boys and to honor the veterans Levine had served alongside during the Korean War.

With a third film in the GI Joe cinematic franchise expected next year, and the action figures (both 12" and 3-3/4" iterations) themselves having proven continuously popular over the past fifty years, Levine's legacy is easy to see, and will be long remembered, in both his industry and beyond.

He is survived by his wife, Nan, with whom he was about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, three children, and four grandchildren. He was 86.



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