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Film adaptations of beloved novels can be tricky things. Either you've read the book, in which case you already know what happens, or you haven't, and you're stuck on the outside all the way to release day.

Sometimes, though, directors throw us a bone, and reveal that they might just have changed enough of the story that it is both fresh and new for past readers, and just as much of a mystery for new viewers. David Fincher is just such a director - with the Gone Girl's author Gillain Flynn revealing that she wrote an entirely new final act for the film adaptation of the hit novel.

Which means we can now play that most entertaining of post-OJ Simpson trial games with the trailer - Did he do it? Check out the trailer below, and then join us below the break for a rundown of the evidence from both the prosecution and the defense!

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The prosecution speaks:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury (of the public domain), I put it to you that Ben Affleck did, maliciously and with forethought, murder his wife in Gone Girl.

Look at the evidence.

Rosamund Pike is missing. If we presume she has been murdered, then we must also presume that her husband is the guilty party. We know that 26% of murders against women are committed by their husband or partner. We know that Affleck and Pike('s characters) had argued, violently.

What's more, we know that though he claims to be distraught at the disappearance of his wife, Affleck is still more than capable of cracking a smile for the cameras. Would a man truly innocent be able to produce such a callous and uncaring grin?

Ladies and gentlemen, I put it to you that an innocent man would not. Affleck is attempting to lure you into sympathizing with him through the use of romantic background music, and an obviously false veneer of grief. I ask only that you look at him through unromantic eyes, and you will most certainly see that he is a killer.

The defense speaks:

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to this trial. However, before I begin, I beg you to ask yourselves one simple question: Why are we here today? The prosecution wants you to believe that Mr Affleck, an honest and upstanding (Bat)man, is guilty of murdering his beautiful cinematic wife.

I will put this simply to you, ladies and gentlemen. Habeus. Corpus. "Show me the body". There is no body - so there is no murder.

What is on trial here is Mr Affleck's (Character's) good name, and the good name of his relationship with his wife. I ask you, would a man capable of murdering his wife, a woman he loved, be capable of standing in front of the world and beginning the search for her?

Ladies and gentlemen, I put it to you that he would not. This was a man who loved his wife, a man unafraid to express that love in affectionate form.

We do not know all the facts surrounding Rosamund Pike's (character's) disappearance, but we do know this - Mr Affleck loved her - and that love would never have allowed him to murder her.

The judge asks the jury for a verdict:

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you this - did Ben Affleck murder his wife, considering the evidence contained within the trailer above? You may enter your verdict below.


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: Does Ben Affleck murder his wife in Gone Girl?

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