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Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor will team up with David Fincher for the hotly anticipated Gone Girl this fall but the pair have been working closely for years. Reznor sat behind the control desk for the third album of Ross' band 12 Rounds, although strangely that record has yet to see the light of day.

Ross, in turn, has been credited as producer on five of Reznor's albums with Nine Inch Nails, the earliest of which was released way back in 2005. One single off that particular album boasted a rather fine pin art video. The director? Why David Fincher of course.

Having blown away everyone in the 90's with Seven and Fight Club, Fincher began the 21st century with some slightly trickier fare. Panic Room, Zodiac and Benjamin Button all felt somewhat under baked but that would all change with The Social Network in 2010.

A critical, commercial and awards season smash, the Facebook fable was the director's most realised effort to date. One of the main reasons why was Reznor and Ross' determined, pulsating score.

The composition brought Oscar glory to the two musicians and since then the trio have formed a fine artistic bond, working together to bring a Led Zeppelin homage to the greatly under appreciated Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and now, rather appetizingly, on the Ben Affleck starring Gone Girl; set for a release in October this year.

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That's Sharl Aznavur's She counterpointing the trailer up there but we can't wait to hear what Ross and Reznor have in store. We'll all find out when Gone Girl hits theatres later this year. The October release might suggest some Oscar potential for everyone involved. We certainly expect for these great musicians too.

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