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With the major casting of Star Wars: Episode VII seemingly completed, we can now set our minds to some smaller, and perhaps more mysterious roles.

For example, musical twins Thea and Liana Shengelaya (better known as The Healer Twins) have apparently been in Abu Dhabi shooting on the set of J.J. Abrams' [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158). The twins, who appear in the band with 4 other band members, were only called upon for four days on set, suggesting their roles could be minor, or perhaps even cameo-esque. Check out one of their songs, conveniently called Snake In The Desert below:

However, when asked if they would be filming additional scenes at Pinewood Studios in London, they revealed it was a possibility. So perhaps there's more to their roles?

Personally, my money is on some kind of small musical cameo or performance. Considering Abu Dhabi is rumored to be doubling for Tatooine, perhaps we'll see another Cantina Band performance? I sincerely hope so.

What do you think? Are you intrigued by the casting of twins?


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Source: StarWars7News


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