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Obviously there have already been a lot of great games that were turned into movies, but let's be honest, they could have been better. 'Tomb Raider', 'Hitman', 'Prince of Persia' and even the recent 'Need for Speed' are all examples of nostalgic games made into movies, but none of them were the platform needed for making this transition successful. All we need is investor confidence from the right producer and/or studio to get video games off the ground. Marvel proved this by releasing 'Iron Man' for the first time in 2008. Comic book movies had been done before but nothing quite like this; sure the concept of a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist in a flying metal suit was hard to grasp, but audiences loved how Jon Favreau portrayed it on screen from casting to special effects.

Thus the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was born and I believe that the same can be accomplished for video games. All that is needed is an amazing game (probably a more modern game to draw in the current gaming demographic) and a good willing team behind it to back it up. Personally, my main choices would either have to be 'The Last of Us' because of its true focus on a story driven game/narrative, or 'Halo' with its exciting and awesome Science-fiction war genre... and Master Chief of course.

*imitates Professor Farnsworth (Futurama)* "Good news everyone!" The latter of my choices might actually be coming to life through a digital feature film with executive producer Ridley Scott and a TV series directed by Steven Spielberg. This might be the necessary push for video games to become a big enough franchise that can be compared to the current comic book franchises. Here's hoping!

^The video is a little outdated and doesn't nearly cover everything.

That being said, when video games finally do get their time in the spotlight I personally think that Ubisoft has the potential to become what Marvel is now in terms of a cinematic universe. They have great game franchises and are already, I think, the first purely game centred company on the ball about having a creative vision of portraying multiple games on the big screen.They already have a (Tom Clancy) division set up

They already have a (Tom Clancy) division set up
They already have a (Tom Clancy) division set up

  May I introduce, the reinvented Agent(s) 47
May I introduce, the reinvented Agent(s) 47

I'll start off with the news that I believe started this chain reaction phenomena. '[Assassin's Creed](movie:437814)' the movie! The series spans 6 game titles and therefore has established a vast universe with it.

All gamers that have played the game have enjoyed and understood the concept of it which is that the main character is able to relive memories of their ancestors to the point where it is considered travelling back in time. Think of it as scratching the surface of 'Inception' to the point where it is not confusing anyone because it is taking it into a historical direction. It was confirmed a while ago (few months) but not much has been said since.

If Batman had started off as a modern day vigilante
If Batman had started off as a modern day vigilante

Those of you who have played the prior game will have heard that this game 'Watch Dogs' (being released tommorow) might have a connected universe to it which could be interesting to watch. Here's the news about the movie.

The story revolves around a character known as Aiden Pearce who sounds and acts like Batman, except he is a hacker who possesses the technology capable of hacking the Central Operating System (ctOS) which is spread throughout the corrupt and crime-infested city that is Chicago. From there it is up to your imagination and piecing other trailers together since nobody will truly know the plot until somebody undoubtedly completes a speed-run within the first day it is released tommorow.

Anyway, I'm interested in what video game you would like to see portrayed on the big screen, who you would cast and more importantly who you would trust to direct it and turn this dream into a reality.


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