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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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The Burka Avenger is one serious role model!

Burka Avenger teaching children the art of life
Burka Avenger teaching children the art of life

What is Burka Avenger?

Burka Avenger, produced by Unicorn Black is the first ever animated superhero series made in Pakistan. The protagonist of the show is Jiya, an inspirational school teacher whose alter ego is the super hero Burka Avenger. Her use of books and pens as weapons is symbolic on many levels. The Burka Avenger fights for Justice, Peace and Education for all.
The Burka Avenger TV series comprises of 13 episodes of 22 minutes each. The main goals of the Burka Avenger TV series are to make people laugh, to entertain and to send out positive social messages. Each episode has a separate moral, which is summed up, at the end of the episode by the Burka Avenger herself. In addition, many of the episodes contain original songs especially composed for the series by well-known Asian superstars.

Via Burka Avenger

Ever since its 2013 release date, the Burka Avenger has been a multi-award winning TV show in Pakistan! The show was created by famous musician (Pakistani Pop Star) and social activist, Aaron Haroon Rashid. Aaron's goal was to create a positive role model to counter the Taliban's ongoing negative actions towards girl's who simply want an education. Rashid believes that both genders deserve a push in education for the future of humanity! I love it! Jiya aka Burka Avenger (pictured below) only wears her burka or burqa when she turns into her superhero alter ego.

Jiya and her alter ego (Burka Avenger)
Jiya and her alter ego (Burka Avenger)

He goes on to explain that her outfit is not a sign of weakness or disrespect towards women,

It’s not a sign of oppression. She is using the burka to hide her identity like other superheroes. Since she is a woman, we could have dressed her up like Catwoman or Wonder Woman, but that probably wouldn’t have worked in Pakistan.

And to be honest, I really LIKE Jiya's costume! It sticks to the cultures simplistic design and still looks like an intimidating badass with an edge! She proves you don't have to look like a stripper to be a female superhero, you just need the chops! The Burka Avenger is definitely a show to check out - it's available on YouTube as well! In addition to having a totally awesome, totally and truly empowering superhero, the show is filled with lovable characters like Ashu, Immu, Mooli and her silly goat Golu!

We need more positivity like this in the world! Let's teach everyone from all walks that it's a beautiful idea to want to better the world and that, yes, they CAN do it!

Check out the first episode! Look, you we did all the work for you! (English Subtitles)

I love her! How about you? Let's chat below!

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