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Deadpool as you obviously know if you're reading this is one of the most beloved comic book superhero's known. Unfortunately, he has never been given justice on the big screen. Yes Ryan Renolds in X-Men Origins, I'm looking at you. This character has such potential to be hilarious and bad-a!s which Marvel has quite the talent for nailing. This character needs to be funny, charming and above all charismatic. Some of these names you will have seen for other superhero's but there is a pool of actors the have that generic quality for hero's. See what I did there?... Here's the list:

Zac Efron

The once ridiculed Troy Bolton is now a defined actor who has had some great roles including the recent Teddy Sanders in Bad Neighbors. He has been tossed around in speculation for many different superhero roles and has even been rumored to have been in talks with Marvel. Some may shun this casting even though he has charisma and wit.

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Chris Pine

Like Efron, Chris Pine is another actor that is charismatic and witty. This guy needs to be a superhero because he has all the qualities of a superhero actor. He has proved himself acting-wise in movies like Star-Trek and Unstoppable. I would love to see him as Deadpool and I could imagine his voice behind the voice also.

Jake Gyllenhaal

I really am trying to avoid obvious actors for superhero roles but I couldn't not include Jake Gyllenhaal who I have seen in tons of movies being great at abusing other characters which is a key trait for the troublesome Deadpool. He also has the acting qualities and is know to be diverse from roles like his one in Source Code to films like Brokeback Mountain and Donnie Darko. This would be my definitive choice for Deadpool.

Matt Bomer

Like Gyllenhaal, Matt Bomer has quite the knack for his witty abuse to other characters. His is known for his beloved role in White Collar which is adored by fans. I could picture him in the role but it would be hard for others to picture it if they haven't seen him in his hit show.

George Clooney

At first thought this would be a terrible and hated choice, but this could be a career turning role for Clooney. This could be role to Travolta's Pulp Fiction. I like him as an actor, he's about as charismatic as they get. I would like to see it happen.

Lemme know what you guys think! I'd love to know who you'd cast.


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